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    New Report! Osterman Research releases their 2024 findings on Image-based/QR Code Attacks. Read the report
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Earlier this month, Expert Insights recognized IRONSCALES as a Top Solution for Google Workspace. Little did they know that a few weeks later, we would completely redefine the email security standards for GWS in our Spring 2024 release.

This post reveals a few new capabilities IRONSCALES developed to protect and simplify email security for organizations leveraging GWS.

Setting New Standards in Email Security for Google Workspace 

Secure Your GWS in Three Clicks

For IT and Security leaders and MSPs/MSSPs trying to protect against phishing attacks at organizations that use Google Workspace, there are limited email security options that can detect and remediate advanced threats. Due to GWS's complexity, setting up these solutions takes a lot of time.  

In the spring release, IRONSCALES developed a quick GWS integration to secure your Google Workspace in 3 clicks. Designed for rapid deployment, it significantly reduces setup complexity and offers powerful phishing protection in mere minutes. Enhance your cybersecurity posture with minimal effort, ensuring a secure and efficient email environment.

Multi-modal Protection Against Emerging Threats

Image-hidden texts are the new bypass method for cyber attackers. These methods incorporate images with text or QR codes to bypass language processing analysis for detection. Our own research showed a 215% increase in image-based phishing attacks between Q1 2023 and Q3 2023. Unfortunately, the recent Osterman report, Fortifying the Organization Against Image-Based and WR Code Attacks, reveals that image-based and QR code phishing attacks have compromised 76% of organizations over the past 12 months.  

To combat this, IRONSCALES announced multi-modal protection for GWS and M365, enabling you to safeguard your business against advanced image-based and QR code phishing threats.   

Discover the latest advancements from IRONSCALES and reserve your spot for our upcoming webinar, where we delve into the invaluable insights derived from the new Osterman report.

Jeff Rezabek
Post by Jeff Rezabek
March 29, 2024