What is IronScales?

IronScales is a comprehensive phishing mitigation solution designed to protect your enterprise from cyber attacks. 

Based on a gamified training program and a unique crowd-wisdom approach, the IronTraps automatic mitigation response* is immediately executed when a phishing attack is reported by employees. IronTraps has been proven effective by leading global corporations.

* as defined by security rules pre-configured by the enterprise SOC team.

How it Works

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IronScales challenges your employees with a series of staged, real-world email attacks in order to evaluate their individual level of awareness.


Based on performance levels, a phishing training campaign is tailored to each employee, increasing awareness and responsiveness.

Training & Simulation

Training and simulation with mock spear-phishing attacks increases awareness and responsiveness to social engineering techniques.

Training & Simulation

Our gamified, interactive method trains each employee individually to think and act as a virtual SOC response team member, becoming proactive against malware attacks.


IronTraps™, our automatic phishing mitigation module, empowers vigilant and skilled employees to block attacks.


Activated by a pre-configured combination of skill level and number of responders, IronTraps triggers immediate Phishing Forensics™ and an automatic enterprise-wide mitigation response pre-configured by the SOC.

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The CIO/CISO dashboard performs ongoing real-time analysis of the campaign and training results, generating KPIs for routine or on-demand review.


Enterprise-wide and employee-specific reports provide insights into the effectiveness of the campaign.
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Going Beyond Detection

IronTraps is the first and only phishing mitigation solution that executes an automated and immediate mitigation response based on detection by trained employees.

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Only with IronScales

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Going Beyond Detection
Employee reporting triggers
an immediate, automatic
mitigation process

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Fully Automated
Automatic execution of training
and mitigation rules
pre-configured by the SOC/CISO

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Crowd-Wisdom Based
Mitigation Response
Cumulative crowd wisdom
from enterprise “Champions”
activates the mitigation response

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Employee Ranking
Based on proven awareness and
responsiveness levels, IronTraps
ranks employees according
to their ability to deter
a phishing attack

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Gamified Approach
Interactive, engaging approach
maximizes employee involvement

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User Customization
Multi-level campaigns
individually tailored to
each employee

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Integration with
Enterprise Applications

Including email (Outlook),

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Cloud-Based and
On-Prem Solutions
Based on the security
requirements of the
enterprise or organization

What’s in it for you?


Real-time Protection Against Phishing

24/7 automatic mitigation of malware attacks.

Reduced Risk of Enterprise Compromise

Prevention of unauthorized access and compromise of valuable enterprise data.


ISO 27001 Compliance

Essential for internal auditing and cyber insurance coverage.

Increased Employee Awareness & Vigilance

is an invaluable asset for company security.

What our clients say

“We have found that the level of awareness among our employees has increased dramatically as a result of IronScales phishing simulation and training. In some departments we have seen a 90% improvement in their ability to identify phishing attacks.”
Arieh S, CISO of a global telecom company
“IronTraps proved to be invaluable in mitigating a recent phishing attack on our company. The ability of the system to allow for both an automatic response when employee reporting reaches the threshold, as well as a one-click response by our SOC team, makes it a robust solution for malware attacks.”
Rami W, CISO of a leading Israeli security company
“The gaming approach used by IronScales keeps our employees engaged in the training program and highly motivated to identify and report phishing attacks.”
John J, CISO of a banking institution
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