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AI Powered Anti-Phishing Software

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A Self-Learning Email Security Platform To Stop Tomorrow’s Phishing Attacks Today

Stop Phishing Attacks With Robust, Automated Inbox Protection

As attackers develop increasingly sophisticated methods to invade inboxes, businesses looking for a comprehensive anti-phishing solution must face an evolving series of technical and social challenges.

We developed the IRONSCALES email security platform to be a convenient all-in-one service that provides a range of anti-phishing solutions. Implementation takes minutes and won’t disrupt your users or hinder your productivity. By combining the power of AI with human intelligence from thousands of security professionals, our platform gives you:

  • Simple and seamless deployment alongside existing email security tools
  • Truly automated incident investigation, orchestration and response
  • The power of the pack to crush zero-day phishing threats in real time
Fight Back Against Phishing Attacks With Robust, Automated Inbox Protection
The Best Anti-Phishing Inbox Protection Starts With Fast And Seamless Integrations

The Best Anti-Phishing Software Integrates Seamlessly

We know how important it is for new tools to play nice with your existing email platform, security protocols, and day-to-day workflows. That’s why we work hard to ensure the IRONSCALES platform integrates seamlessly with the email tools you use every day, including Office 365, Exchange, and the G-Suite.

Our platform also integrates with more than 67 malware protection engine partners, such as Check Point, Virus Total, Bitdefender, and others. By integrating with these best-of-breed partners, we give you an orchestrated, all-in-one dashboard for detection, protection and remediation.


Why IRONSCALES Anti-Phishing Software?

In a crowded market where everyone claims to be first, IRONSCALES is focused on being last – the last line of defense against any and all phishing attacks. The FBI estimates that phishing attacks cost victims $26 billion from June 2016 to July 2019. With so much money on the line, we think email security solutions should be easy to set up, work fast, and leave a lasting effect on your organization’s security posture and protocols.

Our self-learning platform helps your team collaborate quickly and without friction. It installs in minutes and works in tandem with your existing tools and processes, helping you save time and money while also empowering you to focus resources toward your greatest needs.

What Separates Our Anti-Phishing Software From The Pack?

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