Anti Phishing Software

Anti Phishing Software

Anti phishing software by IRONSCALES. A complete suite of anti-phishing products that solve each of the major phishing problems

Plus, it is the Price Performance LEADER

1. Anti Phishing Software For Prevention And Detection

IRONSIGHTS includes typical features for anti phishing software such as a report button, suspicious email forwarding w/attachments, report status, positive reinforcement, etc. It also includes a UNIQUE anti-impersonation functionality, which takes a hybrid approach of combining human intelligence with machine learning to detect anomalies and communication habits at the mailbox level - unlike alternative legacy products that only monitor on the gateway level. Features include:

Sender Reputation Scoring

Dynamic and ongoing list building of trusted external and internal senders and domains. Anti-impersonation technology and sender reputation scoring can monitor communication habits at the mailbox level to create a picture of what a user and sender’s “normal” email communications typically look like.

Inbox Behavioral Analysis

Once a baseline of normal communication is established, the system can monitor every email inbox individually, based on correspondence and attachment/link interaction. Through this local reputation analysis, it can help users better identify email spoofing and spear-phishing attacks. A mailbox-level security system can scan multiple data points from the mailbox and cross-reference to determine if the sender or email is bad

InMail Alerts

Based on an employees’ phishing confidence level, mailbox-level security can analyze past and current email interactions with any specific sender. This prompts visually identifications that can provide an augmented email experience (InMail alerts) and mechanism (report button) to help employees better spot and easily report suspicious messages. Algorithms continually improve the detection of both anomalies and irregular communication patterns based on learned experiences.

2. Anti Phishing Software For Automated Forensics

IronTraps performs the only fully automated forensics of reported or detected suspicious emails, such as:

URL/Link Scanning

Uses Virus Total multi AV engines and Google safe browsing to detect against known malicious links.

Attachments Scanning

All detected or reported phishing emails are scanned automatically for malicious attachments using Virus Totals' multi AV engines, Check Points' SandBlast and OPSWATS's Metadefender, which is then immediately quarantined if found to contain anything malicious.

Affected Mailboxes Real-Time Report

Provides a comprehensive forensic analysis and unified view of the affected mailboxes, allowing your security team to review the status of the potential ransomware attack and intervene if necessary with a single mouse click.

Spam Analysis

The system clusters similar reported spam emails as one single entry so users and security members can tag the entries as spam, removing the amount of "noise" from the dashboard reports—so the teams can spend more time on legitimate problems.

Email Clustering

Uses patented algorithms to cluster and find similarities in phishing emails to create a repository of phishing patterns, preventing the same or similar types of attacks from infiltrating IRONSCALES' detection.

3. Anti Phishing Software For Automated Incident Response

IronTraps completes analysis, mitigation, remediation and forensics automatically or at the click of a button – unlike most anti phishing applications that require an army of highly trained SOC/security specialists to manually deal with hundreds of daily reported security events and responses.

Automated Forensics

Scans reported emails, links, and attachments, using multiple anti-virus, sandbox and deep scanning engines at the click of a button.

Automated Mitigation

Any suspicious emails reported or detected will automatically notify end users inside their email client and security teams inside the IRONSCALES dashboard

Automated Remediation

A fully automated quarantine occurs enterprise wide if an email is verified as malicious, removing the harmful email away from employees neutralizing the threat.

Automated Server-Side Remediation

With no plugin to install, IronTraps can proactively remediate inboxes on Microsoft Exchange and Gmail servers in real-time and on any device that can manage emails, enabling unprecedented phishing prevention that does not rely on users being logged in or online.

Intelligent Spam Handling

The system provides classification between Spam, false positives and phishing emails, which makes it easier to deal with actual threats.

4. Anti Phishing Software For Orchestration

IronTraps seamlessly orchestrates incident responses across multiple security controls in order to eliminate the threat completely from network to end-point—automatically and in real-time.

Automated Workflow Triggering

When a new attack is detected IRONSCALES is working with other network and endpoints' automated forensics and workflow managers to make sure the attack is contained on all levels within the network

Network Configuration

All intelligence and verified phishing reports are delivered to the SOC and SIEM allowing for greater control and incident response capabilities. (Firewall, IPS. Email Filter, SB & Multi AV)

5. Anti Phishing Software For Intelligence

Federation is the first and only anti phishing product to provide a comprehensive real-time automated intelligence sharing ecosystem that is integrated into the automated incident response layer.

Real-Time Intelligence Sharing

Shares verified “zero day” ransomware attacks between organizations in real-time—ensuring everyone who subscribes to the Federation network is automatically defended immediately.

Automated Execution

All verified attacks are automatically sent to IronTraps for remediation. This saves time to review and keeps users safe.

Human Verified Intelligence

All attacks are verified by security teams in order to provide the highest level of verification while reducing the number of false positives.

Crowd Sourced Intelligence

IRONSCALES' users provide the intelligence being shared, ensuring the level of intelligence is up to date, relevant and in real-time rather than using outdated and external feeds.

Cross-Organization Sharing

Intelligence is shared among IRONSCALES companies anonymously world-wide with an add-on module called Federation, creating an ever growing community of breach detectors to proactively defend against zero-day phishing attacks.
Price Performance Leader
Anti Phishing Software That's Affordable

Anti Phishing Software That's Affordable

Basic packages are up to 40% less than some competitive applications.
phishing mitigation

Automated to Reduce Manual Labor Costs

Saves you tens to hundreds of thousands in staff salaries and expenses to prevent and mitigate phishing manually.
office365 phishing protection

No Expensive Managed Services

Save the average $15,000 in consulting charges, $10,000 - 35,000 in additional managed services, plus more....
gsuite phishing protection

Unlimited System Users (NFR licenses)

You can add as many of your team members to the platform as you wish for no additional cost.
anti phishing support

Extended Phone Support

10 hours daily
(8 am to 6 pm EST).
email security

Quick Email Response

Available via the website, plus within the Dashboard.
training and awaremess support

Excellent Support Library

Includes detailed videos, articles, how-to and installation guides plus more.
free email security updates

FREE Support

No cost for support, installs or updates.
What's Holding You Back?
Now that you can see some of the advantages of IRONSCALES, what’s holding you back? Following are frequent questions:
phishing recognition

Tell me about the simulation & training modules?

Unlike competitors that use a one size fits all approach, IronSchool starts with an initial assessment to benchmark each user’s phishing recognition and classification skills, then it automatically grades each user and adjusts the training according to their current skill level. The training is personalized and gamified to make learning about phishing easy to remember and fun.

Our training has been shown to have an 89% reduction in click rates. As the users leverage the training to identify legitimate phishing emails, it further trains and refines IRONSCALES’ machine learning—to further increase the automatic detection, classification and reduction of false positives

phishing emails
phishing simulation & training

How fast does the product work?

After just a few campaigns, companies awareness and improvement levels are up to around 89%, with a 9x increased detection rate.

Test results have shown that it can take under a minute for well-trained companies to report an attack, and just minutes for IronTraps to eliminate the threat entirely enterprise wide. This is compared to hours or days that it may take competitive alternatives to eliminate the threat— which has revolutionized the anti phishing software industry

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