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The Challenge of Preventing and Responding to Email Phishing Response Attacks

Bolstered by technological advances and a bevy of publicly available personal information, attackers are constantly pushing the boundaries with new and creative ways to phish users. Sophisticated phishers can skillfully recreate legitimate web pages with convincing logos and graphics. They can also easily find personal information to support social engineering and context aware attacks that directly target victims for increased efficacy. Attacks that come from a personal contact (or otherwise have a personal connection to the target) can be up to 4.5x more effective.

Phishing awareness training is only partially effective for email phishing protection (of course, security professionals know that nothing is 100% effective). Even when potential threats are reported, SOC and IT security teams must expend precious time and effort to process them, making typical incident response too slow, too labor intensive, and too risky. These are two sides of the same coin where unsupported users and overtaxed SOC teams combine to decrease your overall security posture against malicious email attacks. Users and CISOs alike need more help, faster.

How Can You Implement a Rapid Phishing Response?

The immediacy and criticality of phishing threats means you need solutions right now. The IRONSCALES SaaS platform is fast to deploy, fast to find, fast to solve, and fast to report. Setup takes minutes, and even large-scale enterprises, with thousands of users in multiple locations, can hit the ground running in less than an hour.

IRONSCALES provides the first and only truly automated email phishing investigation, orchestration and response capabilities to detect suspicious emails in just seconds. Backed by a robust mobile app for iOS and Android, we also empower your security teams to find and fix phishing threats before they even get to the office. See the difference that real-time visibility and control can make for your organization!

How IRONSCALES AI-Powered Phishing Response Works

IRONSCALES combines human and machine controls to increase the speed and accuracy of incident analysis and threat intelligence automatically – or at the click of a button. Our AI-powered security analyst, Themis, rests on top of the platform’s decentralized, crowd-sourced threat intelligence engine. This machine analyst continuously learns and adapts from the tens of millions of emails that pass through our platform, giving your security teams advice about how best to prevent and respond to phishing attacks.

By combining human experience with powerful AI, the IRONSCALES platform:
  • Detects suspicious e-mails (and groups of e-mails) in seconds vs. minutes or hours
  • Automatically claws back and clusters bad emails at scale – instantly
  • Enables users to report suspicious emails that get through the SEG with a single click
  • Decreases email admin requirements with AI/machine learning (no more scripts and tools)
  • Reduces the time phishing emails sit idle in employee mailboxes with real-time remediation

Why Phishing Prevention & Response From IRONSCALES Beats The Competition

In a crowded market where everyone claims to be first, IRONSCALES is focused on being last – the last line of defense against any and all phishing attacks. We think email security solutions should be easy to set up, work fast, and leave a lasting effect on your organization’s security posture and protocols.

What does this look like on a day-to-day basis? Our self-learning platform helps your team collaborate quickly and without friction. It installs in minutes and works in tandem with your existing tools and processes, helping you save time and money while also empowering you to focus resources toward your greatest needs. With a unique approach to how we structure and execute our decentralized intelligence and AI-powered incident response and remediation, we help our customers leverage more people and attention against threats than any other solution or enterprise in the market. This approach exponentially reduces the time required for detection and remediation of attacks.

Remember: The best time to stop a phishing email was before it hit the mailbox. The second best time is now. Don’t wait to see what IRONSCALES can offer.

“The name of the game in security is to respond as quickly as possible and that’s what IRONSCALES does.”
--Director of Information Security, Financial Services
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