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AI-Powered<br> Phishing Prevention & <br class="irn-hide-sm"/> Incident Response

Phishing Prevention &
Incident Response

Reduce manual email analysis and response by more than
90% to effectively triage, investigate and respond to attacks.
AI-Powered<br> Phishing Prevention & <br class="irn-hide-sm"/> Incident Response

The Challenge of Preventing and Responding to Email Phishing Attacks

Bolstered by technological advances and a bevy of publicly available personal information, attackers are constantly pushing the boundaries with new and creative ways to phish users. Sophisticated phishers can skillfully recreate legitimate web pages with convincing logos and graphics. They can also easily find personal information to support social engineering and context aware attacks that directly target victims for increased efficacy. Attacks that come from a personal contact can be up to 4.5x more effective.

In multiple dimensions, reducing the risk of phishing attacks is a race against time -- i.e, the ability of companies to detect and respond more quickly to malicious emails than the attacker timeline and end-users falling for phishing emails.

phishing incident response

How Can You Implement a Rapid Phishing Response?

The immediacy and criticality of phishing threats means you need solutions right now. The IRONSCALES SaaS platform is fast to deploy, fast to find, fast to solve, and fast to report. Setup takes minutes, and even large-scale enterprises, with thousands of users in multiple locations, can hit the ground running in less than an hour.

IRONSCALES provides the first and only truly automated email phishing investigation, orchestration and response capabilities to detect suspicious emails in just seconds. Backed by a robust mobile app for iOS and Android, we also empower your security teams to find and fix phishing threats before they even get to the office. See the difference that real-time visibility and control can make for your organization!

How Can You Implement a Rapid Phishing Response?

How IRONSCALES AI-Powered Phishing Response Works

IRONSCALES combines human and machine controls to increase the speed and accuracy of incident analysis and threat intelligence automatically – or at the click of a button. The system automatically triages the threat severity and orchestrates a comprehensive phishing forensic examination of any suspicious email using our proprietary forensic analysis in conjunction multi-AV, visual similarity, and sandbox scans.

Security teams have real-time visibility into practically everything they need in order to make a quick verdict, including - the number of reports for the incident, affected mailboxes with similar emails, full sender details and fingerprint, and complete body text among others. If a clear Indication of Compromise is returned for any email, link or attachment, the platform removes the email from ALL affected mailboxes automatically.

How IRONSCALES AI-Powered Phishing Response Works

Why IRONSCALES Automated Phishing Prevention & Response For Email Security Operations?

  • Detects and remediates suspicious e-mails (and groups of e-mails) in seconds
  • Triage and auto remediate employee reported emails
  • Single click response for suspicious emails that get past the SEG
  • Prevents and blocks similar/polymorphic emails bypassing for good
  • Decreases email admin requirements with AI/ML (no more scripts and tools)
“The name of the game in security is to respond as quickly as possible and that’s what IRONSCALES does.”
--Director of Information Security, Financial Services
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