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The Phishing Training Challenge

While phishing awareness training is common, many businesses are not investing in advanced phishing protection education to help employees identify and mitigate more complex threats, such as socially engineered attacks and business email compromise (BEC). This means many employees lack the ability to identify and report these sophisticated threats.

These underprepared employees pose a serious risk, and companies are losing billions each year as phishing attacks continue to ramp up. Several Osterman Research surveys have found that many users do not receive sufficiently frequent training with regard to security issues.

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How Can You Improve Phishing Awareness?

So what does a solution look like? Technology alone cannot prevent phishing attacks because it’s not able to account for all the social nuances seen in BEC and similar threats. That’s why phishing awareness training plays a vital role in any organization that is taking email security seriously.

The right anti-phishing awareness training should not only be comprehensive but also personalized to make learning about phishing quick, easy to remember and fun. It’s the best way to ensure your most vulnerable targets are given the tools they need to fight back against phishing attacks.

How Can You Improve Phishing Awareness?

Get Advanced Phishing Awareness Training

We’re committed to providing a single, unified email security solution that combines the best of artificial and human intelligence. As part of that commitment, the IRONSCALES SaaS platform delivers a robust set of training features. We make simulations and user training for phishing detection more fun and engaging for improved user participation and results.

Unlike the traditional one-size-fits all approach, we start with an initial employee assessment to benchmark individual users’ phishing recognition skills. Follow-on training campaigns use short, staged, real-world phishing attacks to improve the employees’ awareness of malicious email messages. Users then “graduate” to higher levels of proficiency based on performance.

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How IRONSCALES Phishing Training Works

We take a multi-layered, employee-tailored approach to training, with the goal of reducing phishing clicks rates while improving the rate and speed of detection. Features include:

  • Real-world Simulations: We go beyond the basics by preparing your team to identify some of the most deceptive and effective social engineering tactics. Leveraging human awareness is a key tactic for catching suspicious emails missed by technical controls.
  • Premium Training Video Library: Your employees gain access to a full library of award-winning, micro-learning phishing simulation videos.
  • Measurable Impact: From a high-level overview to a granular breakdown by each employee, we provide the real-time reporting you need to track progress.

How IRONSCALES Phishing Training Works

Why IRONSCALES Phishing Awareness Training?

Don’t settle for just “OK.” While many can only offer prefabricated or one-size-fits-all training templates, we understand that the best phishing training is the kind that resonates with your specific employees and goals.

Our multi-level, employee-tailored campaigns deliver measurable results through a strong focus on engagement and relevance. Unique employee scoring means you’re able to prioritize champion reporters within our system while also identifying potential risks or weak links.

We think the best phishing training uses real-world simulations that are timely and targeted. Request a demo today and see how IRONSCALES can help you boost phishing awareness, reduce click rates on suspicious emails, and improve detection.

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