IRONSCALES product release v35.01 brings the following new functionality to our customers.

Automatic Scanback

To better detect anomalies and prevent Business Email Compromise (BEC), we will now implement an automatic 90-day scan back on every newly synced mailbox. This will provide a baseline for typical email activity for the mailbox, allowing us to identify suspicious content even more precisely. As a result, accuracy rates for all email protection types will improve.

Preview Classification Actions in Advance

Your administrators will now be able to preview the potential remediation actions for each classification value before selecting a value. The buttons will clearly show that a Phishing classification will move the email to quarantine, a Spam classification will move the email to spam and a Safe classification will keep the email within the inbox.


Affected Mailboxes: Email Body & Headers Preview

Customers will now be able to take a more detailed look at all instances of a given incident within your environment, search for suspicious content and verify classifications. Note: emails are fetched in real-time and we assume they are still in the mailbox.


Improved Notification Controls

Customers will now have the option to disable notifications for auto-classified incidents in order to reduce noise, which will allow your analysts to better focus on incidents requiring their attention.


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March 7, 2021