With the v39.00.01 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce product improvements and new features.

Protected Mailboxes - Excluding mailbox groups from customized sync

To improve flexibility, IRONSCALES has improved the customized sync by allowing customers to exclude certain groups from the mailbox sync.

To exclude the groups, use "Customized Sync" in the "AUTO SYNC" option and choose the groups you want to exclude from the sync.

Updated Google Workspace integration terms

To reflect Google G-Suite re-branding as Google Workspace, all corresponding mentions and logos have been updated to Google Workspace.

Notice of upcoming change

Effective October 24, 2021, the IRONSCALES Phishing Emulator will no longer be available.

To learn more about IRONSCALES’ award-winning anti-phishing solution, please sign up for a demo today at https://ironscales.com/get-a-demo/.Your blog post content here…

October 20, 2021