With the v42.00.00 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements and new features: 

New phishing templates specifically tailored for the holidays

Simulation & Training tab enhancement! 

We've added new phishing templates (formerly called scenarios) that apply to this time of year, including templates for salea promotions, package deliveries and more. 

New open incidents counter badge 

The Incidents tab now includes a red badge displaying the number of open incidents, alerting you of any pressing issues as soon as they come in.


Mobile app notifications for ATO incidents 

 IRONSCALES now sends out ATO incident alerts directly to your mobile app. For example: 



Terminology and left menu hierarchy enhancements 

To improve the intuitiveness and learnability of the product by using simple and concrete terms and improving the hierarchy of the page, we made the following updates to the Simulation & Training tab:

  • Renamed 'Campaigns' to 'My Campaigns' and elevated it to be the top entry in the left pane
  • Removed the 'Phishing Simulator' caption from the left pane
  • Added a 'Content Management' dropdown containing the Simulation & Training tabs
  • Renamed 'Call for Action Pages' tab to 'Call to Action Pages'


Support for additional languages in training videos

Customers with the Ultimate package will now have access to four additional languages (French, Spanish, Italian & German) when using Infosequre’s premium video content

Optimized table column display in the Training & Simulation tabs

We've enlarged the maximum column name size to 15 characters, added a tooltip for larger column names, removed/retitled other ones. 

Added Return Path as a banner variable to streamline investigation of suspicious emails

You asked for it and we made it happen. All banner alerts that include the sender's address now support the 'return_path' variable, assisting security personnel who are investigating suspicious emails.  

For example, a custom Exact Display Name Impersonation banner: 

"IRONSCALES finds this email suspicious\! We know {sender_name} by name, but the email was sent from an unfamiliar address {sender_address} and its return path is {return_path}{link:Know this sender?}" 


To learn more about IRONSCALES’ award-winning anti-phishing solution, please sign up for a demo today at https://ironscales.com/get-a-demo/

December 6, 2021