With the v50.00.00 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements and new features:

Allow admins to customize the "Older" unclassified incidents tab's period

To help your security analysts focus on the most pressing issues, we've added the option to customize the Unclassified Incidents > Older tab's period. Using this filter, only incidents that were last modified within the selected period are displayed. This setting does not apply to the following:

  • Unclassified Incidents > Last 7 Days
  • Classified Incidents

To set the desired period:

  1. Go to the AI-Powered Incident Response settings page.
  2. From the Unclassified incidents “Older” tab range dropdown list, select the period you want to show. The default period is "All times".


Present current email location/folder in Email Details window (O365 only)

The Email Details window now displays the email's mailbox folder location (Incident details > Affected Mailboxes > Preview button to the right of the email). With this feature, when reclassifying an email as Safe, you will be able to tell the mailbox user where the email is without having to ask IRONSCALES support.

Protect only synced mailboxes in MS Teams

Following customer requests, starting with this release, IRONSCALES only protects synced mailboxes in MS Teams. Furthermore, IRONSCALES protects all members of MS Teams chats and teams that have at least one protected mailbox.

Add more details to "Employees By Times Lured" CSV report

We've added details to the CSV report that can be downloaded when selecting a piece of the Simulation & Training Summary dashboard's Employees By Times Lured section, including the participant's status (enabled/disabled/active), language, risk, and awareness level, and more. You can use these details, for example, to only resend campaigns to active users and in their language.


UI updates in Campaign Results page for SMS campaigns

The Campaign Results page dynamically updates for SMS campaigns, omitting the following irrelevant data:

  • Reported column from the Campaign Participants report:


  • Reported status from the Campaign Participants graph:


  • Number of Reported Participants at the top of the page:


  • Attack Readiness Indicators section:


Display Call To Action preview window from template

To help campaign managers select the right Call To Action for their template, we've added a Preview option next to the Call To Action Page dropdown list, which will conveniently display the selected Call To Action in a popup window.

Add the awareness level to the Mailboxes CSV Implemented more accurate event names for SIEM log events containing “unknown” and “TestLEEF Message” to ensure the appropriate logs are added for those events.


Auto-populate user names when creating users

We've enhanced the user onboarding process to minimize the chance of human error. When adding a new user to IRONSCALES on the Permissions settings page, specifying the user's email address now auto-populates the user's First Name and Last Name fields (as defined on the Mailboxes Management page).


Add the placeholders list to the End-user alerts editor

To streamline the development of end-user alerts, we've added an Insert Field dropdown list to the End-user Alerts editor. Please note that our end-user alerts have always supported these placeholders.


Present reintegration notification for ATO/Teams customers

(For customers using IRONSCALES' Teams/Account Takeover capabilities) Please note that you may need to reintegrate Office 365 to grant IRONSCALES API capabilities. If your reintegration is needed, we will send you a notification. Please check the bell icon in IRONSCALES for instructions.


New Activities log entry explaining why we do not allow reporting rpmsg messages via 911

We've added a new Activities log entry for rpmsg messages that explain why we cannot show the message contents.


Add session expiry alert

The "session expired" message gave the wrong impression of a system error when in reality the expiration was per the customer's setting. To clarify this point, we replaced the message with a push notification that redirects the user to the login page: ”Your session has expired. Please login again”.

To learn more about the IRONSCALES award-winning anti-phishing solution, please sign up for a demo today at ironscales.com/get-a-demo.

Post by Product Management Team
May 9, 2022