With the v55.00.00 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements and new features:

Security Awareness Training (SAT) campaigns and Wizer training content

We're pleased to announce the release of Security Awareness Training (SAT) campaigns, which allow you to send targeted training campaigns to your organization's employees, without the need for a phishing simulation email/SMS testing campaign. In addition, we've added Wizer as a training content publisher, featuring hundreds of videos covering different topics, including Security Awareness, Compliance, and more. For details, see New "Awareness Training" Campaigns.ironscales-awareness-training-campaign-setup

UI updates - Simulation & Training tab

To support the creation and tracking of our new Security Awareness Training (SAT) campaigns, we've made the following updates:

Campaign Management pageironscales-campaign-management-page

  • New Campaign button replaced with Training and Simulation buttons for creating the suitable campaign
  • New Campaign Type filter
  • New Campaign Type column in the campaign table to indicate the campaign's type

The following updates apply to Security Awareness Training (SAT) campaigns

Campaign results page

  • Removed reports
    • Attack Readiness Indicators
    • Landing Page
    • Campaign Templates
  • Removed filters and labels: Clicked, Entered Details, Failed, Reported
  • Replaced Trained with Video Finished, which indicates that the participant fully watched the training video)
  • Campaign Summary report: Added a Video Started column to indicate how many of the campaign's participants started watching (i.e., clicked) the training video, and Video Finished, as explained above
  • Campaign Participants report
  • New columns Video Started / Video Finishedironscales-campaign-participants-new-columns
  • New/updated filters
    • Added filters: Video Started / Video Finished
    • Removed Phishing Simulation-specific filtersironscales-campaign-participants-new-filters

New auto-classification labels for classified incidents

The incident explorer now displays each incident's classification (Phishing, Safe, or Spam), allowing your SOC analysts to see the classification when they open the Classified Incidents page, without having to check the incident's details.ironscales-new-auto-classification-labels-for-classified-incidents

Activity log enhancements - Customized Sync log

Activities log entries for Customized Sync events did not mention group exclusions. To clarify this issue, Customized Sync log entries now list the groups that have been excluded. Example log:

Modified customized sync settings. Old settings: All Mailboxes, New settings: Excluded {“groupA”, “groupB”, “groupC”} groups

To learn more about IRONSCALES’ award-winning anti-phishing solution, please sign up for a demo today at ironscales.com/get-a-demo.

Post by Product Management Team
August 10, 2022