With the v58.00.00 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce the following product improvements and new features.

MSP Dashboard: 'Group Settings' for managing companies

This is just the first iteration of Group Settings, and we'll add additional capabilities as we move forward.
In this release, we're rolling out Group Settings for MSPs. Group Settings enables you to create and assign settings templates to multiple companies at once, saving configuration time, ensuring consistency, and allowing you to manage the settings of multiple companies from a single location. For details, see MSP Group Settings Management in the Knowledge Base.

To create a new Group Settings template:

  1. Click Settings and select Group Settings.Click-Settings-and-select-Group-Settings
  2. Create a new Group Settings template and follow the wizard.Create-a-new-Group-Settings-template-and-follow-the-wizard

Awareness Training campaigns: Custom reminders and closing date

It is now possible to customize the campaign's collection period, as well as the frequency at which email reminders are sent to participants who haven't completed the training. By design, IRONSCALES Awareness Training campaigns collect participation data for 7 days after launch and send up to 2 email reminders during this time. To allow you to customize these settings, we added a Closing date field (which determines the collection period) and modified the "send reminder email" field to allow setting the frequency (in days):Closing-date-field-and-modified-send-reminder-email-field-frequency

Redesigned 'Account Setup' and 'Settings' toolbar buttons

As part of a long-term initiative to enhance the usability and look & feel of IRONSCALES, we’ve updated the Account Setup and Settings icons in the control toolbar:Account-Setup-and-Settings-icons-in-the-control-toolbar

Moved the "sent by" domain settings to the 'Simulation and Training' settings page

The SEND AND RECEIVE EMAILS section in the System Alerts settings page exclusively applies to Simulation Awareness Training campaigns, so to make it easier for you to find its settings, we moved it to a more logical location in the Simulation and Training > General settings page and renamed it to CUSTOMIZE AWARENESS TRAINING SENDER EMAIL, as follows:CUSTOMIZE-AWARENESS-TRAINING-SENDER-EMAIL

Moved email alert settings to 'System Alerts' settings page

The following email alert settings were moved from the Incident Response > REPORTING OPTIONS section to a more logical location in the System Alerts settings page, under a new EMAIL ALERTS section:System-Alerts-settings-page-under-new-EMAIL-ALERTS

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Post by Product Management Team
October 6, 2022