Product Release Notes v37.01

Office 365 Mailbox Sync Enhancement

The IRONSCALES automatic mailbox sync for Microsoft Office 365 was recently enhanced. Unlicensed Office365 mailboxes that cannot be protected will not sync to IRONSCALES. We will continue to automatically synchronize licensed users' mailboxes and shared mailboxes from your Office 365 tenant for those accounts that can be protected.

When using Auto sync to upload Protected Mailboxes

New mailboxes that will be created in your Office 365 account will be automatically added to our platform. When a user's license is revoked in Office 365, the user's mailbox will be removed in the IRONSCALES console.

EML file scanning

Starting with this release, we will open, inspect and escalate malicious .eml files. The content that is being scanned inside of the emails containing .eml files are links and attachments. We are scanning canonized .eml files inside of an email, meaning the high encapsulated attacks will be detected as well. Any malicious content that is found will be presented in the resolution center as part of the incident. Reported emails by users, the Community and our malware & URL protection functions will trigger inspection and escalate these incidents.

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