By IRONSCALES on September 01, 2021

Product Release Notes v38.00

With the v38.00 release of IRONSCALES, we are pleased to announce product improvements and new features. Some of the release highlights include improved visibility to the recipients of a phishing simulation and training campaign, a dashboard tooltip for our banners, multiple Resolution Center enhancements, and much more!

To improve customer ease, we have included a tooltip for the banner.
While hovering the icon over banner, the following text is displayed, “This banner will appear when the recipients get an email from the sender that were in correspondence with them".

  • Google Workspace: External and internal email addresses will be flagged.
  • Office 365: Internal senders will not be flagged with the first-time sender banner reference.

To expand the email functionality of the Resolution Center. IRONSCALES now includes an HTML format for increased performance in the email.

  • This new feature allows downloading the original email in a HTML format.
  • This new feature is only available in O365 at the moment.

IRONSCALES improved the ability to allow team members to assign incidents to system users.

Note: To enable this feature, please contact you Customer Success Manager.

This ability is applied with a feature flag to “Allow to assign incidents to system users”.

  • A search was also added to assign users.
  • If there is no assignee:
    1. From the incident view: value is unassigned.
    2. From the incidents list: No icon appears
  • Hovering on the incidents list displays a tooltip with the full username
  • Activity log is added for every assign as following:
    1. Event: Modify
    2. Subject: Incidents
    3. Created by: Username
    4. Log message: {user} has changed the assignee for IC-XXXXX from {old assignee} to {user}


IRONSCALES allows exporting training videos to SCORM files for LMS integration.

IRONSCALES has created an automatic flow to protect the customer’s mailboxes first with an upload/sync process that doesn’t limit the number of enabled mailboxes. This is accomplished by with a combination of alerting mechanism to allow the customer to purchase additional licenses as needed or to have a conscious decision to exclude these mailboxes from IRONSCALES protection.

The improved SIEM integration can identify events based on tenant ID.

The field was added to SIEM logs to Leef format.

IRONSCALES enhanced the campaign’s group by displaying a list of users in a campaign's group. 

This is accomplished by: company_id

  • When a user creates a new campaign and selects a group of campaign participants, the users associated with that group are displayed.
  • A scrollbar is displayed if the list height exceeds the window height.
  • The participant list is displayed in groups of 50 participants each time so that it does not overlap.
  • If the selected groups are updated, the participant window will be closed and reopened with the updated groups after the groups are reselected.

IRONSCALES has added the option to filter the campaign requests with multiple filters rather than just one.

  • The user filters the campaign participants who reported, read or clicked on the training by selecting the radio button from the filter drop-down menu.
  • Once the user has used the filter, the user can then filter within the filter by checking or unchecking specific users.
  • Once identified, the specific users, can send a training reminder to those individuals.

IRONSCALES improved by allowing the user to move spam to the deleted items folder.

When choosing a group in the campaign, participants as part of the wizard. IRONSCALES allows the option to edit the logs on the Know the Sender webpage. In the setting of the User interface, a description must be added below the title, with the following copy: The uploaded logo appears in the following places:

  1. “Know This Sender” landing page
  2. Campaigns landing page

To learn more about IRONSCALES’ award-winning anti-phishing solution, please sign up for a demo today.

Published by IRONSCALES September 1, 2021

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