Stop Business Email Compromise (BEC) Get Mailbox-Level Protection!

BEC attacks (also known as email impersonation, spear phishing, and CEO fraud) can be devastating to your reputation and bottom line.

To combat this challenge, our platform dynamically learns your users' mailbox and communication habits, preventing BEC attacks in real time.

“95% of the people who get the demo will buy the product.”
--Chris Pyle, CEO, Champion Solutions (MSP provider)

Prevent Email Spoofing, Impersonation
and Non-Signature-Based BEC Attacks in Real Time

Your company's inboxes represent one of the most vulnerable avenues of attack - and security professionals know that 100% prevention is simply not possible.

BEC attacks do not leverage malicious URLs or malware attachments, so they easily bypass signature-based prevention mechanisms used by SEGs, while legacy BEC protections (DMARC) are only effective for a small subset of phishing threats.

Our Solution?

We built our IRONSCALES technology to address two questions that are easy to ask but hard to answer:
Who is sending What?
The "Who" equates
to the real identity of
the sender.
The "What" stands for the
content and the context of
the communication.
To accomplish this, IRONSCALES analyzes your email users' behavioral habits to predict, identify, and resolve BEC attacks. Our BEC protection capabilities include:
Natural Language <br class="irn-hide-sm"/>
            Processing to look for <br class="irn-hide-sm"/>
            typical BEC language
Natural Language
Processing to look for
typical BEC language
BEC protection to all <br class="irn-hide-sm"/>
            company and personal <br class="irn-hide-sm"/>
            mobile devices
BEC protection to all
company and personal
mobile devices
InMail banner alerts helps <br class="irn-hide-sm"/>
            employees to recognize and <br class="irn-hide-sm"/>
            report zero-day phishing
InMail banner alerts helps
employees to recognize and
report zero-day phishing
Factors for DMARC/SPF/DKIM, <br class="irn-hide-sm"/>
            sending IPs, normal communication <br class="irn-hide-sm"/>
            context and other metadata
Factors for DMARC/SPF/DKIM,
sending IPs, normal communication
context and other metadata
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