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Email Threat Remediation:

Respond to Phishing
Attacks With Speed & Scale


Email security would be a lot easier if there was a silver-bullet solution that could prevent all of the sophisticated threats we face today. But true security professionals know that it's a question of when - not if - threats will bypass preventative measures. The IRONSCALES approach to threat remediation can help your organization stop cyber attacks from spreading and limit exposure to systems and sensitive data.

Breaches Are Inevitable, It Pays to Have Multi-Layered Threat Remediation and Mitigation Tools

We believe the best approach to email threat remediation and mitigation is one that provides both preventative and reactionary responses to the phishing problem. So we built the IRONSCALES platform to address the entire spectrum of email security. To stop threats before they breach your perimeter, our threat assessment solutions deliver critical intelligence about potential vulnerabilities in your technical infrastructure and among your employees.

Of course, assessment is an important and necessary first step - but what happens when a threat slips through your perimeter? Employees will inevitably click on a bad link, or emerging zero-day attacks will bypass existing technical defenses. When a threat is living in one or more of your organization's inboxes, the speed, scale, and accuracy of your response is paramount. That's why our threat remediation uses the power of self-learning artificial intelligence (Al) to deliver an exponential response to threats in just seconds - not minutes, hours, days, or months.


AI-Powered Incident Response

IRONSCALES offers the first and only fully automated, Al-powered solution for email phishing investigation and response. By combining our proprietary forensic analysis with multi-AV, visual similarity, and sandbox scans, we help security teams gain the real-time visibility they need to render a quick verdict on suspicious emails. Details include the number of reports for a given incident, full sender details and fingerprint, and the number of affected mailboxes. If there are clear signs of compromise returned from any link, email or attachment, then IRONSCALES automatically removes the email from each affected inbox.

Furthermore, implementing this solution only takes minutes. The benefits also extend to our robust mobile app for iOS and Android, giving employees the ability to address issues when they're not in the office.

Virtual SOC Analyst (Themis)

Even large security teams have limits to the amount of legitimate email threats, false positives, and other alerts that they can triage. Our Al-powered virtual SOC analyst - known as Themis - can dramatically increase efficiencies with its fully autonomous phishing response capabilities.

Themis continually learns from the tens of million of emails that run through our threat intelligence engine, allowing her to automatically evaluate and remediate threats without human intervention. All recommendations feature a confidence rating that is based on the collective verdicts made by thousands of security professionals who work with the IRONSCALES platform. And with accuracy that exceeds 90%, some customers even rely on Themis for the vast majority of their incident response decisions.


Proactively Fight Phishing

Protecting your critical assets from phishers requires a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to email security. An important part of that puzzle is the ability to accurately and quickly respond to email threats, and IRONSCALES features the fastest automated response systems and remediation capabilities. That means you can:

  • Detect and resolve suspicious emails (or related groups of emails) in seconds - not minutes or hours - while blocking similar/polymorphic emails for good
  • Automatically and instantly claw back email threats at scale, across your entire organization
  • Decrease email admin requirements while enabling self-service and automation through Al and machine learning

Start your risk-free trial today, and see the difference for yourself.