Anti-Impersonation InMail Security for Microsoft Outlook & Gmail/

IronSights is the first and only solution to augment machine intelligence in real-time to combat email phishing and spoofing, aiding decisions & incentivizing users to report.
Stop CEO fraud and other highly sophisticated spear phishing attacks./
IronSights is built to be every employee’s Virtual Security Analyst. /

With IronSights, users benefit from:

Unprecedented mailbox Protection

Gain a visual representation of senders via inspection of every email at the mailbox level using deep scans and machine learning to validate sender reputation based on each employee’s email historical correspondents, to discover anomalous behavior.

Enhanced Decision Making

IRONSCALES algorithm will make sure all the important and smart security related questions are being constantly asked for each email landing in your employee mailboxes, visualizing the results for non-tech or cybersecurity savvy employees to make the right decisions.

Immediate Remediation Assistance

A quick button link inside the Outlook and Gmail toolbars enable employees to report suspicious emails based on the email scans and analysis, triggering SOC team notification or an automatic remediation response.

Advanced Machine Learning

Algorithms that continuously improve in detection of both anomalies and irregular communications patterns based on learned experiences negate false positives and bolster proactive defenses.

Expedient Notification

Emails suspected of causing business email compromise (BEC) are automatically flagged the second the email hits the inbox.

Your Virtual Security Analyst

Stop CEO Fraud and other highly sophisticated spear phishing attacks with visual cues right inside your inbox.