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Anti-Phishing Defenses

Phishing Prevention for the Modern Organization

Many organizations know that, for advanced attacks, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”

Most businesses rely on static secure email gateways (SEGs) or baked-in security of email service providers, such as Office 365 and G-Suite. And many post-delivery incident response and remediation offerings are limited point solutions that ultimately leave users vulnerable.

Over the course of three months, IRONSCALES research presented a representative sample size of 1000 malicious emails containing links or attachments found that ATP took between 6 and 250 days from the time an email phishing attack was first reported until the time that a signature was deployed. Additionally, within this same 250-day time period, identical phishing emails were resent up to 77 times to various recipients within the same organization.

This delay in signature creation leaves Office 365’s 60 million monthly users at severe risk of malicious email phishing messages impacting business continuity - as it now takes less than 82 seconds for a phishing email to lure a click. As the main cybersecurity safeguard for millions of people, ATP must prioritize phishing attack signatures to limit risk or be more transparent with their users about the need for additional email security to serve as an additional line of defense.

Phishing Prevention
But, there is a better way.