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Not a trial, no tricks, actually free.
Free Phishing Simulation Testing

We believe cybersecurity is a right for everyone, so we created IRONSCALES™ Starter™. This plan is FREE of charge and includes email security features every organization should have, like Phishing Simulation and Testing, a Threat Management Dashboard, and a host of other valuable cybersecurity features.

  • Phishing Simulation and Testing
  • Email Client Phishing Report Buttons
  • Reporting Dashboards and Analytics
  • Phishing Incident Insights Dashboard
  • Mobile App for Security Admins
  • SSO Integration
Integration in 3-Clicks
IRONSCALES™ Starter™ integrates with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace with just 3-clicks. Our email security service is designed to come to you and scale with your business. Using our native API integration, you can deploy IRONSCALES in minutes with no configuration changes, risks, or interruptions.

Plan Features

Phishing Simulation and Testing
Conventional phishing simulations rely on fictional or outdated scenarios. The IRONSCALES™ platform simulations use real-world data from a global community to build recommended campaigns, or you can leverage an actual phishing email as a simulation template. 

Your team will prepare for relevant attacks such as credential theft, invoice fraud, vendor account compromise, and ransomware. 

Note: Starter™ is limited to 4 training campaigns per year.
Phishing Report Button
Equip your team with a Report Phishing Button directly in their Outlook email client.

The integrated phishing report button functions as a constant reminder of the threat of phishing and allows employees to report suspicious emails to the security team for review with one simple click.

If the security team determines that the email is risky or malicious, they can instantly remove the same email from all company inboxes where it might be present.
Reporting Dashboards and Analytics
Our dashboards make it easy to quickly investigate and remediate emails that have been reported by employees.

View detailed executive reports that you can share with your leadership team to show the effectiveness and value of your IRONSCALES Starter solution. 
Phishing Dashboard and Monitoring 
Quickly review and respond to all user-reported emails in a centralized view 

  • Review Sender and IP Reputation Scores
  • Inspect the email headers and body
  • Evaluate URL and Attachments Scan Results
  • 1-Click Remediation to Mark as Phishing, Safe, or Spam

The IRONSCALES mobile app enables security analysts to access the platform’s incident response center while on-the-go to make time-sensitive decisions on phishing mitigation and resolve incidents immediately with one click.

Benefits include:

  • Push notifications on phishing reports from users
  • Review real-time incidents
  • Remediate reports and incidents on-the-go

Available on both iOS or Android.Available on both iOS or Android.


Explore Our Pricing Page for More Features and Plan Options