Automation Reduces the
Risk of Phishing Attacks

This whitepaper from Aberdeen Group validates the importance of a quick, automated response to a phishing attack on your organization.

How to Conquer Phishing?
Beat the Clock!

Aberdeen Group research shows that automated phishing prevention, detection & response reduces an organization’s risk from phishing attacks by more than 70%.
Manual anti-phishing efforts only reduce an organization’s risk by less than 5% due to slow response.
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How Fast, Automated Responses To Phishing Attacks Can Potentially Save Your Business Both Millions Of Dollars and Brand Reputation:

  • Learn about the catastrophic long-tail effects of phishing risks if not mitigated immediately.
  • Quantify the risks of phishing attacks to help show senior leadership why investment in automated phishing response technology is more than just a best practice.
  • Learn about the 4 options that allow you to buy more time to defend your organization from a phishing attack.
“Reducing the risk of phishing attacks is a race against time – defenders must protect and respond more quickly to malicious emails than the attacker timeline, as well as more quickly than their own users are to open phishing emails and click on malicious links.”