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IRONSCALES™ for Enterprise

Enterprise Email Security with Advance Phishing Protection

Phishing protection that combines AI/ML, crowdsourced threat hunting, and awareness training to stop attacks like BEC, ATO, and ransomware.

Enterprise Email Security with Advance Phishing Protection

Enterprise-grade anti-phishing protection

Threat actors are launching millions of phishing emails every day, with attacks including Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), VIP Impersonation, and more.

Your security team is probably spending too much time and effort chasing down a continuous stream of emails missed by legacy enterprise email security tools like Secure Email Gateways and end up in your end-users inbox every single day. That’s where IRONSCALES can help.

The IRONSCALES solution can start protecting your email inboxes in as few as two clicks via API. We integrate into most of the common security products being used in today’s modern enterprise. Our solution allows your security team to decide how much confidence they have in using Themis, our AI-based virtual security analyst to automatically pull phishing emails out of your environment, including polymorphic attacks.

But that’s not all – IRONSCALES also provides customers with Security Awareness Training (SAT) capabilities for further enterprise protection. Security teams can launch training video campaigns for specific groups or individuals, in addition to phishing simulation attack campaigns that identify your most vulnerable employees and provide them with personalized training content.

Annual Survey Report

The Business Cost of Phishing

According to 250+ security professionals, they spend on average 27.5 minutes to resolve a single phishing email. In this report, you will find more statistics and insights covering:

  • The huge time burden for IT teams to address phishing
  • The expensive cost of handling phishing threats
  • The expected increase in phishing over the next year
  • The spread of phishing beyond email

Supplement or Replace your SEG

Supplement Your Secure Email Gateway

Add a layer to stop attacks missed by SEGs

Legacy enterprise email security solutions like Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) are designed to filter out spam and finding known threats like malicious attachments. But they struggle against advanced attacks like Business Email Compromise, Account Takeover, and VIP impersonation.

Add Complete Protect™—an Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) solution, to stop advanced attacks missed by SEGs, and get integrated email security software, phishing simulation training, and security awareness training.

Augment SEG
Replace SEG

Replace Your Secure Email Gateway

Reduce Costs & Enhance O365 and GWS

Replace your legacy SEG with Complete Protect™ —an Integrated Cloud Email Security solution built to stop advanced attacks missed by legacy SEGs or security controls included with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Get an affordable and highly effective solution that includes integrated email security software, phishing simulation training, and security awareness training. It deploys in minutes and is easy to manage, freeing up your time to focus on other important activities.

Read our comprehensive Microsoft EOP + IRONSCALES whitepaper on how to replace your legacy secure email gateway.

Plug Right into your Tech Stack



Fast. Easy. Effective.

Fast to deploy, easy to manage, highly effective anti-phishing protection that protects your cloud email environment

Fast to Deploy

Connect IRONSCALES to your Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace (Gmail) email environment in as few as 2 clicks.

Easy to Manage

See how IRONSCALES is protecting your environment with a simple, elegant dashboard. View prioritized incidents that require your attention and take action in a single click. And if you’re on the go, use our feature-rich mobile app to do the same.

More Effective

Phishing is a human and machine problem. We believe the most effective solution requires a Human + Machine approach. Our software stops up to 99% of attacks, we integrate humans into the solution to address the last 1%. This includes 5,000+ customer security analysts in our community and reports from every mailbox user with our Report Phishing button.

Read more about our unique Human + Machine approach here.

Microsoft Teams Protection

Collaboration tools are a new focus area for threat actors. With our Complete Protect™ plan, you can extend your anti-phishing defenses to your Microsoft Teams® environment.

  • Automatically scans and removes malicious or suspicious links and attachments shared in Microsoft Teams
  • Comprehensive incident management and reporting via dashboard, mobile app, API, and email notifications
  • Built for use with Office 365 for seamless integration and configuration in just two clicks

Discover what threats are lurking in your O365 email inboxes with our FREE 90-day scan back

Our 90-day scan back service allows us to review your entire Microsoft Office 365 email environment and quickly identify malicious content such as malware, attachments, and even evidence of advanced phishing attacks such as language patterns we typically see as part of VIP impersonations, Business Email Compromise and more.

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