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Phishing Simulation Testing & Training

Send your employees phishing simulations with IRONSCALES™ plus customized, one-click training based on current real-world attacks like BEC and ransomware.


Features & Benefits


Launch campaigns with auto-generated content from a large library of real-life situations presented

One-click-campaigns allow security teams to quickly launch optimal campaigns with minimal effort

Third-party security training content packs (Ninjio/Habitu8/Cyber Maniacs & more)

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Modern and Diverse Phishing Training

SEGs and other technical solutions aren't enough to prevent every phishing attempt. New threats emerge every day, and socially engineered attacks can sneak past conventional security perimeters.

Empower your team to recognize, report, and resolve phishing, BEC, and ransomware attacks with simulations built on up-to-date examples captured by the IRONSCALES platform.

IRONSCALES helps us train our employees to recognize and easily report phishing emails, resulting in significant savings on IT human resources.
- Itzik Menashe, Global IT Director at Telit

Phishing Simulations Built on Real-World Data

Conventional phishing simulations rely on fictional or outdated scenarios. IRONSCALES’ simulations use real-time data from a global community of security analysts so you can quickly launch realistic campaigns using recommended content or using an actual phishing threat as a template to prepare your team for relevant attacks such as credential theft, invoice fraud, vendor account compromise, and ransomware.


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Phishing Simulation Testing for Every Employee

Your Phishing Simulation Testing (PST) program should meet employees where they are. IRONSCALES’ training can be easily customized by role, function, access level, geo, or device with smishing capabilities. Exercises are fun, engaging, and based on real-world data, real-time threat analysis.

1-Click Campaigns & Auto-Generated Content

It’s now easier than ever for security teams to create phishing simulations and launch campaigns. With one-click in IRONSCALES, you can clone a phishing email to use in your phishing simulation, select one of our recommended campaigns, or create auto-generated content based on awareness level and phishing susceptibility score. 

94% of attacks use email as their attack vector


Click rates on phishing email attacks range from 6% to 16%, depending on the industry


>95% of breaches involve phishing and/or pretexting

Phishing remediation through crowdsourcing...
That's the ticket.
-- CISO, Global Financial Services Firm





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