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Terms and conditions

  1. Participants agree to engage in a proof of concept (POC) on the IRONSCALES platform in an Office 365 production environment. Our specialists will help you get set up in about 15 minutes.
  2. If currently using Mimecast, IRONSCALES will apply real threats and data against any chosen target email(s) to compare our solution and theirs
  3. If participants are not using Mimecast, they can see data from a sample Mimecast user who chose IRONSCALES over Mimecast for our target functionality... or you sign up with Mimecast for their POC (we encourage it!).
  4. The “challenge” is that IRONSCALES will show interested users how we detect threats that Mimecast does not. This means we also help resolve them faster as a result (seeing them in the first place is a good start!).
  5. If we cannot demonstrate that our platform performs better than Mimecast in detecting certain threats and you choose to buy Mimecast (assumes you are not already a Mimecast user) within 2 weeks after completing the proof of concept, we will fund your Mimecast license for the first month, up to U.S. $3,500 (proof of purchase required).
  6. When IRONSCALES demonstrates it can outperform Mimecast, the participating organization is under no obligation to purchase from us, but at the very least we hope you will have a clearer picture of what better anti-phishing performance can look like it.
  7. This offer is currently for Office 365 environments only (though we offer our platform for G-Suite users as well).
  8. This offer is good through SEP of 2020. The whole process should take anywhere from 30-60 minutes on our end (your testing of Mimecast may take longer), depending on the questions and needs of the participating company.

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