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Video Question of the day #4 How do you think we can fill the cybersecurity skills shortage? PLAY VIDEO Video Question of the day #2 Is the 8200 cybersecurity unit a factor of success for Israeli cybersecurity companies? PLAY VIDEO Video Question of the day #3 What do you attribute the success of cybersecurity companies in Israel to? PLAY VIDEO Video Question of the day #1 What is the program Check Point initiated for Israeli cybersecurity companies? PLAY VIDEO Video AI-POWERED PHISHING INCIDENT RESPONSE Combining human intelligence with machine learning to streamline phishing incident analysis, threat intelligence gathering (forensics), orchestration and response automatically or at the click of a button. PLAY VIDEO Video VIRTUAL SOC ANALYST [Themis] By using AI-as a tool that can predict with high confidence the legitimacy of any suspicious emails, we can reduce the decision-making processes of busy security analysts, expediting remediation and decreasing risk. PLAY VIDEO Video MAILBOX-LEVEL ANOMALY DETECTION Recommended BEC protection, such as DMARC, is not well adopted since it is very hard to implement and is only effective at email spoofing protection when dealing with a small subset of phishing threats. PLAY VIDEO Video COLLABORATIVE THREAT HUNTING Federation automatically provides advanced detection and notice of trending email phishing attacks by leveraging IRONSCALES' virtual analyst community. PLAY VIDEO Video The Evolution of Email Security We believe that companies need to start investing more in automation, detection and response capabilities because hackers will always find a way in. PLAY VIDEO