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Video IronSights Recommended BEC protection, such as DMARC, is not well adopted since it is very hard to implement and is only effective at email spoofing protection when dealing with a small subset of phishing threats. PLAY VIDEO Video Federation Federation automatically provides advanced detection and notice of trending email phishing attacks by leveraging IRONSCALES' virtual analyst community. PLAY VIDEO Video The Evolution of Email Security We believe that companies need to start investing more in automation, detection and response capabilities because hackers will always find a way in. PLAY VIDEO Video Human + Machine = A Winning Solution Companies need to start making end-users an active part of their defence strategy. PLAY VIDEO Video Automation Is The Next Big Trend SOC teams need to be built for speed, when an attack can take over your company faster than your team can solve it, a downward spiral can manifest. PLAY VIDEO Video IRONSCALES Check Point Partnership How does IRONSCALES and Check Point compliment each other? PLAY VIDEO Video When the CEOs of our startups are not traveling - Microsoft ScaleUp Ironscale's CEO Eyal Benishti shares the biggest asset of a scaling business and his best travel tip! PLAY VIDEO Video LIVE from Black Hat USA 2018, Las Vegas on Livestream Watch our CEO Eyal Benishti discuss Themis and all things phishing with PLAY VIDEO Video Cyber Defense Magazine Hotseat at RSA CyberDefense TV HotSeat Host Gary Miliefsky interviews Eyal Benishti CEO of IRONSCALES – Anti-phishing Threat Protection Platform PLAY VIDEO