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AI-Powered Phishing
Incident Response

Reduce manual email analysis and response by orders of magnitude (up to 90%)

The Challenge of Email Phishing Response

Phishing awareness training is only partially effective for email phishing protection. Even when potential threats are reported, SOC and IT security teams must expend precious time and effort to process them, making typical incident response too slow, too labor intensive, and too risky. These are two sides of the same coin where unsupported users and overtaxed SOC teams combine to decrease your overall security posture against malicious email attacks. Users and CISOs alike need more help, faster.

The Solution to Rapid Phishing Response

IRONSCALES offers the first and only truly automated email phishing investigation, orchestration and response capability to detect suspicious emails in just seconds. We combine human and machine controls to increase the speed and accuracy of incident analysis and threat intelligence automatically... or at the click of a button. We not only make it easier for your SOC to respond with the power of automation, but we make the process faster on a per incident basis as well.
Available on IOS and Android for on the go incident response!

How IRONSCALES AI-Powered Phishing Response Works

  • Detects suspicious e-mails (and groups of e-mails) in seconds vs. minutes or hours
  • Automatically claws back and clusters bad emails at scale – instantly
  • Enables users to report suspicious emails that get through the SEG with a single click
  • Decreases email admin requirements with AI/machine learning (no more scripts and tools)
  • Reduces the time phishing emails sit idle in employee mailboxes with real-time remediation
“The name of the game in security is to respond as quickly as possible and that’s what IRONSCALES does.”
--Director of Information Security, Financial Services
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