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Cyberattackers are taking advantage of today’s fast-paced, connected world, where it’s not unusual for essential requests and transactions to be made over email. Unfortunately, with the help of their sophisticated phishing techniques, attackers are gaining access to organizations and their employees’ valuable information, costing businesses millions in lost revenue, time and effort.

As a result, demand for channel services, especially for managed service providers (MSPs), managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed disaster recovery (MDRs) providers, has dramatically increased in recent years as businesses of all sizes look to formulate strategic partnerships that can help reduce cyber risk. In fact, according to Market Research Future, the rapidly shifting cybersecurity threat landscape is one of the primary reasons that the managed services market is expected to grow 11% between 2016 and 2022.

Partnering with MSPs for email security

The benefits for businesses to partner with the channel to provide cybersecurity services are endless. Small businesses, in particular, cannot always afford to hire security or IT personnel on staff nor do they have the time and resources to maintain proper security measures that mitigate risks - such as incident response plans or email security protocols. But by working with a channel partner, such as an MSP, small businesses are protected under the MSP’s cybersecurity umbrella.

Even more beneficial is the insight MSPs provide to their customers. Specifically, they are in a unique position to manage inboxes across multiple clients and often across different industries. They have valuable insight into evolving attack vectors that are constantly changing, ultimately giving MSPs the advantage to quickly respond to anomalies and remediate an attack on one customer, instantly preventing hundreds of others.

We recently spoke with Daniel Johnson, CEO of machineLOGIC, a Colorado-based MSP that provides IT solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses across multiple industries including financial services, legal, medical, and energy. The company focuses on cloud, security, and collaboration solutions within the Microsoft ecosystem, specifically Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

In our conversation, Daniel explained why traditional email filtering solutions are not enough to combat sophisticated phishing attempts and how adopting IRONSCALES has helped to set their company apart from traditional MSPs.

When talking about email security, what are some of the biggest challenges your company is tasked to help solve?

When it comes to security, we offer a variety of solutions from firewall protection to endpoint security, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and of course, email security.

In recent months, we have received an influx of small- and mid-sized businesses looking for email security solutions that prevent credential harvesting, wire fraud and targeted spear-phishing attacks that could critically compromise their businesses.

These organizations have typically been slow to adopt email security solutions beyond simple spam filtering. However, these markets have increasingly become the targets of advanced phishing attacks, forcing them to reconsider their approach to email security.

Why did machineLOGIC select IRONSCALES to serve as its email security provider?

By choosing IRONSCALES, we have a specific anti-phishing solution that clients can understand and see the value of adopting. They appreciate having a focused, AI-based solution rather than just relying on a traditional spam-filtering service to protect them against phishing threats that continue to be more complex and harder for end users to identify.

Additionally, we like having multiple layers of security, and IRONSCALES allows us to leverage the email filtering that is included with Office 365, or add Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection, while delivering a very powerful anti-phishing solution. IRONSCALES compliments these built-in solutions that Microsoft provides rather than replaces them. As a result, it allows us to enhance the overall email security blueprint rather than replacing it - we end up with the best of both solutions and better ROI.

Our customers also appreciate the end user experience that IRONSCALES provides. The easy to read InMail notifications and the brandable button to report suspected phishing allows the end user to be part of the solution, plus it reinforces that we're actively involved and providing value, and we've seen that IRONSCALES really reduces support requests.

Also, having mobile notifications and the same reporting button on mobile phones and tablets really fills a gap that many phishing attempts are trying to exploit, where email display names are masking spoofed email addresses and domains, which can be confusing to end users and lead to successful phishing attempts.

How has machineLOGIC as an organization benefited from its partnership with IRONSCALES?

IRONSCALES has helped us to address a very real need in the marketplace, delivering a tangible security and business outcome to our clients. The immediate impact it's had has opened up the security conversation with our clients, and they are often eager to take that next step in improving their overall security posture.

From a deployment perspective, the API integration allows us to quickly implement IRONSCALES without having to change DNS or MX records or plan any downtime for the client. And that's a big deal - by not having to change the inbound mail flow, IRONSCALES allows Microsoft's ATP platform to be part of the solution, where traditional mail filtering actually hamper ATP from performing at its best.

IRONSCALES also saves us time, which is important as MSPs try to grow and scale their businesses. With a single click, we can remove phishing threats across hundreds of mailboxes simultaneously, reducing technician and administration time for our team, and quickly prevent phishing threats from affecting other end users.

What email security trends are you looking out for in 2020?

We're seeing a significant rise in the sophistication and quality of phishing attacks, which is a serious challenge without an intelligent anti-phishing solution and a better approach to email security in general.

Attackers are already capable of utilizing fraudulent URLs to lure users to spoofed websites, gather their login credentials and falsify Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) processes. At the same time, there are tons of organizations that are managing their email security protocols in the same way they did in the ‘90s and are not equipped to handle the prevalence and sophistication of today’s phishing websites.

We anticipate that companies will begin to close this gap by working closely with MSPs to pinpoint security vulnerabilities, educate their employees on phishing attack prevention, and implement better security policies and solutions overall. We look forward to tackling those challenges with the team at IRONSCALES.

To learn more about machineLOGIC, visit us at https://www.machinelogic.com/
Interested in becoming a partner with IRONSCALES? Check out our Partnership Program to learn more and get your customers onto our advanced self-learning email security platform today!

February 20, 2020