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With the proliferation of advanced email attacks, such as business email compromise (BEC), credential theft and polymorphic phishing attacks, email security has become a critical concern for businesses across all industries. In fact, the threat is so great – with 90% of cyberattacks initiated with a malicious email – that the global email security market is expected to surpass $18 billion by 2023.

Consequently, businesses are looking to formulate strategic partnerships that can help reduce cyberattacks by relieving the burden to mitigate and manage such risks. This demand for channel services with a particular focus on cybersecurity, such as resellers, MSPs, MSSPs, and MDRs, has dramatically increased in recent years – so much so that the market is expected to grow 11% by 2022.

Ensuring email security for the channel

IRONSCALES has witnessed this growth firsthand. Over the past year, our global Partnership Program has propelled the company into triple-digit revenue growth as our human intelligence and machine learning technology fills an email security gap voiced by channel partners. In fact, one obstacle that the channel has faced in this rapid ascension is the burden placed on security teams to oversee and mitigate risks for hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of endpoints.

IRONSCALES has solved this challenge by delivering a platform that can automatically mitigate a malicious email through its self-learning platform. By learning from real world security analysts’ decisions in real time and automatically scoring an incident’s threat level and potential impact, IRONSCALES helps channel partners’ security teams improve efficiency by reducing the time it takes to resolve phishing attacks and minimizing human intervention.

But don’t take our word for it.

Recently we sat down with Ryan Burton, VP of Product Strategy at Pax8, one of our partners, to talk about email security in the channel space and how IRONSCALES helps deliver results to their customers. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Pax8 is a leader in cloud distribution to MSPs with small-and-midsized customers. With 9,000+ MSP partners serving more than 100,000 customers, the company focuses on helping the partner community achieve more with cloud technology. Pax8 makes it easy to buy and sell cloud solutions, and one way they do that is by breaking down the technology stack categories into four segments: productivity, infrastructure, continuity, and, perhaps most important of all, security.

How important is email security to you and your partners?

90% of attacks originate via email. The need for email security has never been higher, and that is why email security is one of our core focus areas as a company.

Where do you see IRONSCALES helping your customers the most?

With more than 200 million active users, Office 365 is the fastest growing productivity product on the planet. Our partners are in sync with this trend. For partners buying Office 365, we always recommend adding on an email security solution.

That is why IRONSCALES has become an important component of our overall email security strategy, especially with how rampant email phishing has become over the last few years. We’ve seen a drastic uptick over the past three years. Attacks have become more sophisticated, compromising emails through phishing links that redirect users to a spoofed website to harvest credentials. Even fraudulent gift card and wire scams are on the rise, especially in the small business market.

We also see a significant number of partners adding Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to their productivity solution, however, this product is really focused on scanning attachments. We’ve found that IRONSCALES has a higher catch rate when it comes to business email compromise scams and other email-based threats that don’t contain malicious payloads in the email itself. This is where we see IRONSCALES do an exceptional job.

What was the deployment process of IRONSCALES like for Pax8?

The deployment process was extremely easy. The deployment process of IRONSCALES takes seconds. You just enter your admin credentials for Microsoft and you’re done.

What are the top benefits of IRONSCALES?

The biggest benefit, I would say, is the amount of time MSPs are saving from incident response and their ability to accelerate remediation. The insights surfaced by IRONSCALES during remediation not only provide our threat analysts with greater situational awareness, but they’re also highly prescriptive, enabling us to better focus our resources where they’re needed most.

We’ve also found that having the visual similarity capabilities baked into the platform to be very helpful in preventing a lot of phishing and credential harvesting attacks. The InMail banner alerts feature has also proved to be very popular with end users. Last but not least, the ability for our SMB partners to gain visibility from IRONSCALES crowdsourced approach to threat intelligence has significantly increased their ability to make informed decisions supported by a growing community of email security experts.

Interested in learning more or becoming an IRONSCALES partner? Check out our Partnership Program to learn more and get your customers onto our advanced self-learning email security platform today.

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