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IRONSCALES Recognized as Email Security Leader by the Channel Program

We are thrilled to share that IRONSCALES has been named the Category Leader in Email Security by Channel Program. This prestigious recognition is a testament to our exceptional contributions and outstanding performance within the IT channel space. 

Recognized by Managed Service Providers 

The Category Leader badges are awarded based on feedback from managed service providers (MSPs), who share their reviews and feedback on IRONSCALES’ products. IRONSCALES stood out among competitors, showcasing exceptional performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

"Being recognized as a category leader in Email Security by the Channel Program showcases why IRONSCALES is a must have solution for MSPs and their clients,” said Chris Marquez, IRONSCALES’ Director of Sales & Global Alliances - MSP / MSSP.  “With our unique approach utilizing AI + Human Insights along with our integrated security awareness training platform, we simplify MSP operations to save time and increase revenue as well as provide the highest level of security & education to clients."

IRONSCALES Remains Top Choice for MSPs 

MSPs/MSSPs continue to choose IRONSCALES as their ultimate platform for Message Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response. Offering a robust defense against modern phishing attacks, automated incident response, streamlined security operations, and user-friendly education—all in one place.  

“As an MSP working with a diverse range of clients across different industries, we're in a unique position to observe the effectiveness of various security tools,” says Wes Henry, Director of Services of ABM Technology Group. “In our experience, IRONSCALES stands out as the best. Its user-friendly features, like the report phishing button in the Outlook toolbar, make it a favorite among our clients. Additionally, its capability to catch and remediate threats effectively, even removing them post-detection, sets it apart." 

Explore our case studies to read more about how IRONSCALES has improved operational efficiency and cost savings for countless partners and their customers. 

Explore Our Award-Winning Email Security Solution 

To see IRONSCALES' award-winning email security solution in action, schedule a demo with us today. 

About Channel Program

Channel Program, founded by Channel Chiefs Kevin Lancaster and Matt Solomon, is the fastest-growing MSP community. To learn more about Channel Program and its initiatives, please visit https://channelprogram.com. 

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