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IRONSCALES Recognized as a Leader in Software Reviews Cloud Email Security Report

At IRONSCALES, we are thrilled to share the latest accolades that underscore our commitment to excellence in the cloud email security landscape. Recently, Software Reviews, a trusted authority in software assessment, recognized IRONSCALES with top honors in their Cloud Email Security report. These recognitions are testament to our tireless dedication to providing exceptional value and service to our customers. 


Customer Advocacy: A Testament to Trust and Satisfaction 

One of the most notable achievements from the report is our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 94. This remarkable score indicates that a staggering 94% of our customers are likely to recommend IRONSCALES to others. Such a high NPS reflects the trust and satisfaction we have built with our customers, highlighting our commitment to exceeding their expectations. 


Unwavering Loyalty: Consistent Value and Positive Experiences 

In addition to our impressive NPS, IRONSCALES has achieved a 100% renewal rate among our customers. This means every single one of our clients plans to renew their service with us. This exceptional loyalty speaks volumes about the consistent value and positive experiences we deliver, ensuring our customers can continue to depend on us for their email security needs. 


Industry Leader: Setting the Standard for Customer Excellence 

IRONSCALES proudly ranks #1 in the industry for both the likelihood to recommend and renewal rate. These top positions highlight our leadership in the cloud email security sector and our commitment to customer excellence. Being recognized as an industry leader reinforces our dedication to providing innovative solutions and unparalleled support. 


Emotional Footprint Awards: Measuring the Heart of User Experience 

We are also honored with the Cloud Email Security Emotional Footprint Awards, which evaluate products based on emotional response ratings from IT and business professionals. These awards, founded entirely on user review data, highlight our genuine connection with users and the authentic value we provide. 

We are incredibly proud of these achievements and grateful to our 13,000+ worldwide customers for their ongoing trust and support. These recognitions motivate us to continue pushing the boundaries of cloud email security, ensuring we always deliver the best for our customers. 

For more detailed insights and to explore the full report, visit our Software Reviews Cloud Email Security page. 

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