By Eyal Benishti
on August 17, 2022
Cyber security is a tough challenge, and it's getting harder to keep up with the latest threats. AI-powered tools leveraging machine learning can help detect phishing attacks by analyzing huge ...
By David Vuijsje
on April 04, 2022
I was first exposed to the idea of micro-expressions by Lie to Me, a crime series inspired by the work of Paul Ekman, professor emeritus at UCSF and advisor to law enforcement. By analyzing ...
By Themis
on February 16, 2022
In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, things change quickly and often—email security and phishing are no exceptions. Each 12-month period sees a range of new tactics, tools, and methods employed by ...
By Or Malzman
on November 14, 2021
Hackers can use their abilities to do good, to do bad and sometimes just to show what they can do. The last option was the case for this scenario. 
By Eyal Benishti
on June 25, 2020
In a 2019 survey, 451 Research discovered that 46% of individuals believe that email is the number one data security threat to their organizations. This isn’t surprising – the reality is that 91% of ...
By Eyal Benishti
on April 02, 2020
The proliferation of email phishing attacks on businesses has increased exponentially given the advanced techniques and technologies that attackers have adopted to infiltrate inboxes. These attacks, ...
By Eyal Benishti
on November 08, 2019
“We have to leverage AI in cybersecurity because [the bad actors] are using it against us,” says Eyal. “You can't bring a knife to a gunfight.” IRONSCALES founder and CEO, Eyal Benishti, recently sat ...
By Eyal Benishti
on October 16, 2019
Warren Buffett once famously said that cyberattacks were “the number one problem faced by mankind,” exceeding even the threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.
By Eyal Benishti
on June 27, 2019
I had a strong case of déjà vu while attending the recent Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit. That’s because a lot of what I heard from speakers on cybersecurity was familiar. It reflected ...

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