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It has been six weeks since I joined IRONSCALES, and WOW...what a ride!

During these past six weeks, several people have asked me, "why IRONSCALES"? The answer is easy. We are at a turning point in the market in how companies look at securing their email. Moving from the "old school" SEGs to the "new school" API-based approach, or ICES, will be the norm.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 20% of anti-phishing solutions will be delivered via API integration. That is a considerable jump from where it is today and a sign that the market is shifting. When I talk to customers and ask, "is phishing still an issue" the answer is always yes. I follow up that question with "do you think AI-based solutions are 100% accurate" the question is answered with a chuckle, followed by "no."

That's where IRONSCALES sets itself apart from others in this space and why I came here. We approach the phishing problem like no one else in the market does, human + machine.

What does human + machine mean? It's simple, not only do we have one of the most cutting-edge AI solutions, we call her Themis (goddess of divine law and order), but we also rely on our thousands of customers and their security teams to help identify phishing emails and share with the community. Think of it like Waze, but for your security team.

Since we are looking at the mailbox, we also have anti-phishing simulations and customized training based on real-time data and real-world situations. SEGs and other technical solutions aren't enough to prevent every phishing attempt. New threats emerge daily, and socially engineered attacks can sneak past conventional security perimeters. Personalized phishing training and simulations based on real-world data and real-time data empower companies to recognize, report, and resolve phishing, BEC, and ransomware attacks.

Market fit and great product are only two sides of the pyramid to make me want to come to a company. Culture is the third side and just as important as the other two.

When I started talking to IRONSCALES about this role, they kept referencing themselves as "Scalers" and talking about "the Scaler DNA." Much like any new person to an organization, I assumed this was just "HR speak." Wow...was I wrong!

The culture within this company and the different folks who add to it with their unique experiences is something I have never seen at another organization. Eyal Benishti, our founder and CEO, has done a fantastic job of bringing teams together from around the globe and getting them to focus on one goal: building the most powerfully simple messaging security platform.

Put together an incredible product, the right time in the market, and a fantastic company with an unmatched culture, and you have IRONSCALES!

If you would like to know more about IRONSCALES and how we are the best option for protecting against phishing attacks, or if you’re interested in joining our team, please visit our website today at ironscales.com.

News, 2022
Russell McGuire
Post by Russell McGuire
July 19, 2022