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IRONSCALES Spring 2024 Release Redefines Email Security Standards for Google Workspace

2024 March 26

Email security leader releases enhancements for GWS customers against image-based threats and innovation in SAT solutions to strengthen human insights 

ATLANTA, GA — March 26, 2024 — IRONSCALES, the leader in AI-powered email security protecting over 13,000 global customers, today announced the launch of its Spring ‘24 Release — introducing a range of cutting-edge capabilities and product enhancements designed to protect organizations against the rising tide of advanced email-based attacks.

At the heart of the release is a series of industry-first advancements to the company’s Google Workspace (GWS) offering, including expanded defensive capabilities, streamlined integration processes, and the introduction of a multi-modal solution for image-based threat detection. The release also includes significant improvements to the company’s threat detection models, and a suite of enhanced security awareness training (SAT) tools.

Generative AI has forever changed the cybersecurity landscape. With tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion at their disposal, threat actors can now generate highly-sophisticated, near-impossible-to-detect social engineering, image, and QR code-based attacks in mere seconds — with little-to-know prior knowledge or skills required. 

In a recent report from Osterman Research, nearly 76% of security and IT professionals reported their organizations had been compromised by one or more image or QR code-based (a.k.a. “quishing”) attacks within the past 12 months. In the same report, 82% of respondents ranked training employees as one of their organization’s top strategic priorities for defending against such attacks over the next 12 months.

In response to these trends, the IRONSCALES Spring ‘24 Release introduces powerful new capabilities designed to improve the detection abilities of adaptive AI models and improve employee awareness of this new class of AI-enabled attacks. 

Key features of the release include:

  • 3-Click Integration for GWS: A simplified integration process that allows organizations to benefit from IRONSCALES’ advanced threat protection immediately, eliminating delays and minimizing the window of vulnerability. This 3-click integration ensures businesses and managed service providers (MSPs) can quickly enhance their email defenses without the typical delays or complexities associated with traditional security solutions.
  • Deep-Image Based Threat Detection for GWS: Cutting-edge multi-modal protection against image-based phishing threats using optical character recognition (OCR), deep-text analysis, image processing, and natural language models. A purpose-built solution designed to help organizations combat the recent rise in QR code and other image-based phishing attacks. 
  • Enhanced Security Awareness Training (SAT) Courses: A critical component of effective cybersecurity defense is a robust security awareness training program. Through its partnership with Wizer, IRONSCALES has expanded its cybersecurity education program through additional video courses and quizzes – empowering employees to excel as a critical line of defense against email-based threats.
  • GPT-Powered Spear Phishing Expansion: Powered by generative AI and currently in beta with dozens of global customers, GPT-powered spear phishing enables IT and security teams to generate highly personalized spear phishing simulation campaigns to combat hard-to-detect, advanced phishing attacks at scale.
  • Machine Learning Model Enhancements: At the heart of the unique, adaptive AI approach from IRONSCALES is its arsenal of proprietary machine learning, deep learning, and generative AI models. This release includes significant advancements to these foundational elements of the platform.

With these innovations, IRONSCALES is working to reinforce the positive feedback loop between AI and human insights—widening IRONSCALES leadership position in the AI email security landscape. 

“At IRONSCALES, we're not just enhancing Google Workspace, we're redefining the landscape of cybersecurity with our pioneering approach,” said Eyal Benishti, CEO of IRONSCALES. “Our latest product release merges the ingenuity of adaptive AI with the power of human insights to create an unprecedented shield against sophisticated phishing attacks—ensuring that every employee is not just educated but empowered to contribute to their organization’s digital safety and cyber resiliency.”

For more information about IRONSCALES' Google Workspace security solutions, visit: https://ironscales.com/platform/ironscales-for-google-workspace.  

See why IRONSCALES was recognized as a Top Solution for Google Workspace by Expert Insights: https://expertinsights.com/insights/top-9-email-security-solutions-for-google-workspace/.   



IRONSCALES is the leader in AI-powered email security protecting over 13,000 global organizations from advanced phishing threats. As the pioneer of Adaptive AI, we detect and remediate attacks like business email compromise (BEC), account takeovers (ATO), and zero-days that other solutions miss. By combining the power of AI and continuous human insights, we safeguard inboxes, unburden IT teams, and turn employees into a vital part of cyber defense across enterprises and managed service providers. IRONSCALES is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more, visit www.ironscales.com or follow us on X  @IRONSCALES.


Media Contact:

Doug De Orchis

Scratch Marketing + Media for IRONSCALES