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Threat intelligence is one of the bedrock concepts that informs and supports your email security. While many organizations are rightfully concerned about oversharing their data, our anonymized approach to collaborative threat intelligence provides safe, actionable insights that help you - and, in turn, other users on the IRONSCALES platform - stop email threats faster and more effectively.

Global Collaboration Drives Actionable
Threat Intelligence in Real Time

Collaborative email threat intelligence helps you understand exactly where you stand against the latest threats, so you can take immediate steps to mitigate them. Security practitioners should always be equipped to take action right now. After all, exposing your organization for just a few minutes can be the difference in losing millions of dollars. But if you're only focused on the phishing threats that have reached your organization, then you're only dealing with a fraction of a much larger problem. That's where "the power of the pack" comes in.

With IRONSCALES, our Slack-like community features foster better internal collaboration while also anonymously connecting your team to thousands of cybersecurity experts in our global network. We like to view this approach as "herd immunity" against modern email threats, where everyone communicates and collaborates in pursuit of a game-changing solution.

Our democratized model closes the security-skills gap by turning complex threat assessments into simple yes-or-no decisions, drastically shortens the time needed for threat mitigation, and provides all IRONSCALES users with access to an exponential amount of intelligence at scale. This collective wisdom automatically feeds into and strengthens the platform's self-learning capabilities, providing our users with a powerful combination of human and machine intelligence.

Global Collaboration Drives Actionable Threat Intelligence in Real Time

Threat Intelligence Use Cases

As a foundational aspect of email security, threat intelligence applies to a wide array of mission-critical use cases. Its most obvious and immediate value comes from the active role it plays in threat prevention, but it also provides valuable data to inform your organization's long-term, strategic email security decisions.

SecOps & Incident Response

Security teams simply do not have the capacity to analyze and resolve the staggering volume of new phishing attacks that they're facing today. Even larger, more advanced security operations center (SOC) teams have a limit to the number of threats they can analyze, triage, and remediate - and this problem is only exacerbated by a high number of false positive or irrelevant alerts.

IRONSCALES helps alleviate this pressure with AI-powered threat intelligence that supercharges your incident response and SecOps capabilities. We leverage real-time information from internal and external sources to evaluate and score threats, so they can be triaged automatically - or with a single button push Mitigation time drops from days, hours, or minutes to mere seconds, enabling your team to cover more ground and spend more time on the threats that deserve the most focus.

Fraud Prevention & Advanced Threat Protection

Threat intelligence also plays an important role in stopping various types of fraud and advanced email threats. These attacks are engineered to avoid legacy defenses like DMARC and secure email gateways (SEGs), and they include social-engineering tactics like business email compromise (BEC), fraudulent URLs for credential theft, and advanced forms of zero-day and polymorphic malware attacks.

When an email hits the mailbox, we ask one simple question: WHO is sending WHAT?

This means:
  1. We scan the content, links and attachments.
  2. We analyze the language for typical BEC indicators using natural language processing.
  3. We verify the sender by analyzing email communications, behavior and meta data in real-time.

IRONSCALES advanced threat protection provides all that in one multi-layered platform.

See How IRONSCALES Can Help You
Collaborate With Confidence

By collaboratively sharing anonymous data in IRONSCALES, both the platform and its users are elevated to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Security analysts and SOC teams everywhere stand to benefit from open channels of communications. In fact, the influx of new attack variants necessitates this approach.

That's why "the power of the pack" is the driving force behind our collaborative threat intelligence solutions, including our two-way, anonymized chat tool. The stakes are high, but we're stronger together. See for yourself how the IRONSCALES platform's unique combination of human and machine intelligence is setting the standard for modern email security - start a free trial today.