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Enterprise Insights: Image-Based and QR Code Phishing Attacks

Despite IT/Sec leaders expressing high confidence in their security stack, Image-Based and Quishing attacks are hitting inboxes, highlighting a serious gap in email security strategies.

Osterman Image-Based White Paper Hero Graphic

About the Study

Osterman Research surveyed 300 IT and security professionals responsible for email security at U.S. enterprises. They sought to learn about the prevalence and complexity of emerging image-based and QR code phishing attacks facing enterprises today, including:

  • How frequently do organizations encounter these emerging attacks, and the impact of these attacks on the security posture?
  • What strategies and technologies security pros are employing to detect and mitigate quishing attacks?
  • How confident orgs are in their ability to detect the attacks before they breach employee inboxes?

Key Insight: While over 70% of organizations feel their current stack is effective against image-based and QR code phishing attacks, nearly 76% were still compromised within past 12 months.


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