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IRONSCALES Announces Launch of GPT-powered Phishing Simulation Testing and Accidental Data Exposure Capabilities

2023 August 09

Enterprise email security leader to unveil suite of new Generative AI capabilities at Black Hat 2023 USA Conference,
Booth #2810D,
August 9-10 in Las Vegas

IRONSCALES,  the leading enterprise cloud email security platform protecting more than 10,000 global organizations worldwide, today announced its Summer ‘23 Release featuring the Beta launch of GPT-powered Phishing Simulation Testing (PST), the much-anticipated expansion to its generative AI portfolio, to help employees rapidly personalize cyber training given the exponential rise in socially engineered attacks. In addition, IRONSCALES announced a new accidental data exposure (ADE) capability, which alerts employees when sending potentially sensitive information, thereby adding a critical layer of outbound email protection to its best-in-class inbound security.


GPT-powered PST is the second generative AI-enabled development to be added to IRONSCALES’ suite of generative AI apps for email security. In July, the company announced the beta release of its groundbreaking Themis Co-Pilot for Outlook — a GPT-powered chat assistant to allow employees to confidently report threats and take a more active part in threat hunting.

"As an IRONSCALES customer, we are thrilled to leverage these new innovative capabilities of accidental data exposure and GPT-powered PST,” said Susmin Patel, IT Director at Seabridge Gold. “As we know, a vast amount of all data breaches are caused by human error, so we see these new capabilities as a critical layer of protection for our company. IRONSCALES continues to add features and functionality to protect our organization and stay ahead of cyberthreats." 

New Advancements in Email Security 

These new Summer ‘23 Release capabilities compliment Themis Co-Pilot, further tightening the feedback loop between AI and human insights to help IT and security leaders defend against emerging phishing threats and empower employees with timely insights and training, including:

  • GPT-powered PST: Boost employee awareness of socially engineered attacks without the operational overhead. Instantly generate highly personalized spear-phishing simulation campaigns to combat hard to detect, advanced phishing attacks. Every spear phishing simulation message is crafted utilizing PhishLLM, IRONSCALES' proprietary LLM model that has been trained on millions of data points from the IRONSCALES community.
  • Accidental Data Exposure (ADE): Increase employee awareness and safeguard against the inadvertent transfer of sensitive data. The IRONSCALES ADE capability utilizes advanced algorithms to promptly identify and warn employees about emails that may leak sensitive data — enhancing their security awareness and proactively preventing potential data leaks in real-time.

"We are witnessing a tremendous uptick in customers seeking tools and technologies to counter the intensifying threats posed by sophisticated socially engineered attacks such as spear phishing and business email compromise," said Eyal Benishti, CEO of IRONSCALES. "The revelation that human error contributes to over 73% of data breaches underscores the urgency and the validity of our adaptive AI and human-centric approach as vital elements of fortifying email and overall organizational security. For our R&D teams, adaptive AI and machine learning are not merely tools, but the vital veins supplying the innovation for our solutions. We take immense pride in these newest AI-driven advancements that protect better, simplify operations, and empower organizations."

To learn more about the Summer ‘23 Release features and sign-up for the Beta waitlist, visit:https://ironscales.com/new 


IRONSCALES is the leader in AI-powered email security protecting over 13,000 global organizations from advanced phishing threats. As the pioneer of adaptive AI, we detect and remediate attacks like business email compromise (BEC), account takeovers (ATO), and zero-days that other solutions miss. By combining the power of AI and continuous human insights, we safeguard inboxes, unburden IT teams, and turn employees into a vital part of cyber defense across enterprises and managed service providers. IRONSCALES is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more, visitwww.ironscales.com or follow us on X @IRONSCALES.

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