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Complete Protect™

Advanced Phishing Protection with Account Takeover Prevention

IRONSCALES Complete Protect™ provides integrated cloud messaging security (ICMS) by protecting cloud-based email environments and Microsoft Teams® from advanced phishing threats like BEC, Account Takeover, credential harvesting, and more.

Complete Protect™ - Email Security Solution

Complete Protect™ is an integrated cloud messaging security solution (ICMS) that delivers our most comprehensive protection, with the addition of Account Takeover (ATO) protection and advanced messaging security for Microsoft Teams to our popular integrated cloud email security (ICES) plan Email Protect™.

Phishing is a human + machine created problem that is best solved with a human + machine solution. Complete Protect™ combines automated anti-phishing technologies with Security Awareness Training into a seamless and tightly integrated single solution.

Powerfully simple.  Fast to deploy.  Easy to use.


Seamless API Integration with Microsoft O365 & Google Workspace

Our email security service is designed to come to you and scale with your business. Using our native API integrations, you can deploy IRONSCALES in minutes with no configuration changes, risks, or interruptions. 

Seamless API Integration with Microsoft O365 & Google Workspace

Our email security service is designed to come to you and scale with your business. Using our native API integrations, you can deploy IRONSCALES in minutes with no configuration changes, risks, or interruptions. 



There are three plans available to meet a variety of email security requirements. Explore which plan is right for your organization.



The FREE Starter™ plan is ideal for small to medium organizations who want to add Phishing Simulation & Training and Threat Management to their security stack.


Email Protect™

This plan is perfect for organizations looking for integrated cloud email security (ICES) to protect their cloud-based email environments from phishing threats like BEC, ransomware, VIP impersonation, and more.


Complete Protect™

This plan provides our integrated cloud messaging security solution delivering our most comprehensive protection including ATO protection, Microsoft Teams® protection, and Security Awareness Training (SAT).

Plan Features

Enhanced Account Takeover (ATO) Detection and Response

IRONSCALES analyzes content and communication styles to detect and prevent even the most sophisticated account takeover (ATO) attempts—in minutes, not hours or days.  

  • ATO detection & remediation operates in real-time, unlike other solutions on the market 
  • Goes beyond Active Directory events by incorporating email account-level data and individual user behavior data for detection
  • Offers 1-click remediation from your computer or mobile device so you can address phishing threats quickly 

Protect Your Team Members

Collaboration platforms are less secure than email, which adds one more layer of challenges for stretched IT security teams.

Employees commonly let their guards down when using collaboration and messaging platforms. They assume messages, links, and attachments are trusted because these platforms are viewed as “internal-use only,” but that’s not always the case.

It’s not unusual for organizations to invite partners, customers, and third parties to connect to their collaboration platforms—which increases the chances of phishing attacks, credential theft, account takeover, and VIP impersonation.

The IRONSCALES™ powerfully simple security platform adds a robust layer of security for Microsoft Teams® to help keep organizations safe.

  • Automatically scans and blocks malicious or suspicious links and attachments shared in Microsoft Teams
  • Comprehensive incident management and reporting via IRONSCALES dashboard, mobile app, and email
  • Built for use with Office 365 for seamless integration and configuration in just two clicks

Security Awareness Training

Complete Protect™ makes it easy to send and track training videos on a wide range of security-related topics to the people who need them most. Combining this exclusive training content and the new SAT options enables you to: 

  • Provide your users engaging bite-sized videos based on real-world threats 
  • Launch targeted training campaigns in a few clicks
  • Address industry compliance training requirements
  • Track measurable outcomes with detailed engagement reporting 
Our SAT solution ensures you send the right training, to the right people, at the right time. Train everyone, specific employees, or smart groups like department, function, or based on Phishing Simulation Testing (PST) results.

Deploy Phishing Simulation Testing That Uses Current and Real-world Data

Conventional phishing simulations rely on fictional or outdated scenarios. Launch relevant campaigns using IRONSCALES™ recommendations based on real-time data from a global community of security analysts or quickly turn a real phishing threat into a template for future campaigns. 

Prepare your team for relevant attacks such as credential theft, invoice fraud, vendor account compromise, and ransomware. 



See how Complete Protect™ can change your organization.

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