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Chubb Fire Safety and Security

Discover how Chubb tackles global phishing and enhances email safety with IRONSCALES.

Company Intro

Chubb Fire Safety and Security is a leading provider of fire safety and security solutions and services for customers worldwide. Chubb has been protecting people and assets for over 200 years. Today, their employees in 200+ branches in 17 countries work to make the world safer, protect people and provide peace of mind. Their fire, security and monitoring services cover more than 1.0 million sites around the world. Chubb is a part of API Group, a global, market-leading business services provider of safety and specialty services in over 500 locations worldwide.

The Problem

After a recent acquisition, Chubb Fire Safety and Security, a global organization specializing in fire protection and security systems, needed to spin up a global SOC program to protect its staff of 14,000+ employees distributed across 21 global locations.

Their existing cybersecurity tools lacked the capability to address email threats effectively. They already had Microsoft Defender, but its slow response and inadequate insights into incidents caused frustration. This painstaking manual process to search and delete threats hindered their ability to safeguard their organization. It became evident that a robust enterprise-focused email security solution was imperative to bolster their email security and ensure proactive defense against evolving threats.

Pete was able to add a security admin, growing his team to two—but knew that he couldn’t have this person spend too much time on phishing. With holidays looming, Peter realized he needed a solution fast as employees started to let their guard down and phishing attacks ramped up.

"In our line of work, corporate cyber risks might seem distant, given our focus on safety in remote areas. While we had tools like CrowdStrike and ServiceNow, email security wasn't prioritized. This led to vulnerabilities, and our reliance on Microsoft Security Center's Defender proved cumbersome. The manual investigation process was time-consuming, and we recognized the need for a dedicated and efficient solution."
Peter Evans


Chubb Fire Safety and Security was flexible in its search, looking at both Secure Email Gateways and mailbox-level email security solutions. Their objective was to enhance their defenses without overburdening their team. However, recognizing the urgency, they didn’t want to drag out the process with time-intensive RFP processes or implementation.

Performanta, a global managed security service provider, recommended that Chubb look into IRONSCALES. IRONSCALES offers a cloud-based email security solution combining AI and human insights and provides a seamless setup that contrasts starkly with complex alternatives. The promise of innovation and a client-centric approach resonated deeply with their team’s needs. Chubb solidified their decision after an endorsement from a colleague who had positive experiences with IRONSCALES at a previous organization.


"The 90-day look-back was invaluable. Being able to retrospectively analyze our actions and the platform's impact was impressive. An added bonus is being partnered with a customer service rep that feels like an extension of our team." - Peter Evans, Head of Cyber Security Operations at Chubb Fire Safety and Security

With IRONSCALES now an integral part of their cybersecurity arsenal, Chubb Fire Safety and Security reaped many benefits. The 90-day scan-back unveiled a realm of threats that went undetected by their existing Microsoft Defender security solution.

By aligning with IRONSCALES, Chubb Fire Safety and Security elevated its email security strategy beyond remediation, forging a fortified defense that actively anticipates and thwarts potential threats. This partnership exemplifies the fusion of technology and personalized collaboration, resulting in a cybersecurity narrative that is comprehensive, robust, and proactive.
In one quarter of using IRONSCALES, Chubb Fire Safety and Security has had:

61,349 phishing emails removed from their environment
107,325 emails remediated
4,048 hours saved (141K GBP savings)
"IRONSCALES' mailbox-based solution stood out for its simplicity. Its quick setup, compared to alternatives, resonated with us. Their innovation and responsiveness were key factors. The implementation was seamless—just an hour-long meeting with engineers and screen sharing."
Peter Evans

Incident tickets have also significantly dropped thanks to the IRONSCALES solution, which is now blocking more threats and autonomously remediating incidents when required. The solution remediated 18,579 emails in a 90-day period, freeing up IT staff time that would have otherwise been spent on purging inboxes. Based on industry calculations, the solution saved over 377 hours of IT time in the same 90-day period. That’s the time that the team is now spending on being more proactive with other projects. There’s also a benefit to the district’s other employees, who are less exposed to timeconsuming, post-compromise events such as password changes.

Phishing emails removed
Remediated emails
Analyst hours saved

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