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Discover how OrthoCarolina boosts email safety with IRONSCALES to safeguard thousands of mailboxes from advanced phishing threats

Company Intro

OrthoCarolina is one of the nation’s leading independent academic orthopedics practices serving the Southeast since 1922. OrthoCarolina provides compassionate and comprehensive musculoskeletal care including operative and non-operative care, diagnostic imaging, and rehabilitative therapy. Widely known for musculoskeletal research and training, OrthoCarolina physicians have specialized expertise in foot and ankle, hip and knee, shoulder and elbow, spine, sports medicine, hand, pediatric orthopedics, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Over 300 OrthoCarolina providers see more than one million patient visits across North and South Carolina each year. We are proud to be both physician-owned and physician-led.

The Problem

Neil Stein, the Senior Vice President of Technology Services at OrthoCarolina, faced significant challenges when he joined the organization in 2018. OrthoCarolina, one of the nation's largest independent orthopedic practices, serving the Southeast since 1922, was operating with outdated and inefficient systems. They had over 2000 mailboxes that needed protection, and Neil was responsible for managing not only the technology services but also procurement for the organization, which included a wide range of items, from medicines to implants to IT equipment.

With over 2000 mailboxes to protect, the outdated email system, running on-premise Exchange, was in poor shape. There was no effective email security in place, leaving employees vulnerable to phishing attacks, as they struggled to differentiate between legitimate emails and potential threats.

OrthoCarolina's existing email security tool, was not user-friendly and lacked essential features. Managing it required dedicated personnel, causing operational inefficiencies. Given their medical staff's tight schedules, quick and effective email management was crucial. Neil recognized the need for a robust email security solution, especially as they transitioned to Office 365 in 2019 and underwent infrastructure retrofitting in 2020. The organization urgently needed a solution to protect its email environment and enhance cybersecurity awareness.

"IRONSCALES is helping me protect the organization by driving the employees to work collectively together. It’s helping change the mindset for the staff to take a second, review the email, and look for any red flags."
Neil Stein


Implementing IRONSCALES proved to be straightforward, and the platform's user-friendly features, including banners and friendly messages, helped raise employee awareness about email security. End-users became more vigilant, thanks to these cues, and senior decision-makers acknowledged the value of the added protection. The tool's automation capabilities further streamlined operations, providing OrthoCarolina with a highly effective and efficient email security solution.

OrthoCarolina also appreciated the platform’s seamless integration with Office 365 and its layered approach to cybersecurity, offering Neil the peace of mind that comes with diversifying security solutions. In comparison to other options, IRONSCALES stood out for its flexibility and adaptability.


Since implementing IRONSCALES, OrthoCarolina has seen a remarkable improvement in email security and employee awareness. The reports and data provided by IRONSCALES have been instrumental in showcasing the tool's effectiveness. With over 2 million emails processed daily, the platform identifies potential phishing attempts, spear phishing, and threats targeting high-value users, helping OrthoCarolina realize the tangible benefits of the solution.

Regular phishing simulations, both general and highly targeted, have yielded impressive results. The user-friendly templates that IRONSCALES provides have transformed phishing awareness among employees, making them more vigilant in identifying red flags and reporting suspicious emails.

  • Enhanced Email Security: IRONSCALES has significantly bolstered OrthoCarolina's email security posture, capturing potential phishing attempts, spear-phishing threats, and those targeting high-value users.
  • Improved Employee Vigilance: Regular phishing simulations and user-friendly templates have increased employee awareness, making them more adept at identifying and reporting suspicious emails.
  • Efficient Threat Management: IRONSCALES has automatically inspected millions of emails for OrthoCarolina, identifying and mitigating 56,963 phishing attempts in just 2022, saving OrthoCarolina valuable time and resources.
"With ChatGPT, the phishing emails we receive look remarkably convincing. IRONSCALES captures those threats effectively. If we didn’t have this tool on our side, it would be like shoveling against the tide, a fruitless effort. We couldn't do it. I have too many other responsibilities to keep up with all the phish that come through. IRONSCALES is indispensable."
Neil Stein
Mailboxes Protected
Emails Inspected in 2022
Phishing Emails Detected in One Year

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