The Fastest, Fully Automated, Phishing Incident Response

IronTraps does analysis, forensics, mitigation and remediation automatically or at the click of a button. Most applications require an army of highly trained SOC/security specialists to manually deal with hundreds of daily reported security events and responses.

spear phishing prevention
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Through automation, organizations can reduce the workload on their security analysts and help them to do a better job by dealing only with the exceptions that cannot be addressed automatically based on policy
Richard Struse, chief advanced technology officer at the US Department of Homeland Security

Your Virtual SOC Member

automated incident response
An easily installed email add-on, IronTraps empowers employees to report suspicious emails with one-click on their toolbar in both Outlook and Gmail clients.
The automated phishing response technology is intelligent enough to analyze the maliciousness of the threat and remove it from all employee inboxes to prevent it from spreading – all of which alleviates the burden on the SOC team.
In addition, with IronTraps, each time a malicious event is detected, it remembers it, so that the same type of scam can never successfully infiltrate any other computer within its network again.

How Does It Work?

When a phishing attack is automatically detected or reported, the following sequence of events is triggered:
auotmated forensics
An automatic notification is sent to the security team and in conjunction to IRONSCALES’ servers
IronTraps then automatically executes a comprehensive phishing forensic examination of the suspicious email using our integrated Multi-AV and Sandbox Scan together with IRONSCALES's advanced technology designed to analyze the number and skill ranking of the reporters, in addition to other proprietary analytics, which will determine the most appropriate mitigation/remediation response.
Once the attack is verified an automatic remediation response is initiated consisting of an enterprise-wide removal of all malicious emails.

In Addition

At any given time the security team can intervene and trigger an enterprise-wide response with a single click.
Each attack generates an intrusion signature to both the endpoints and SIEM.

Weekly Reports

virus total



Predict future

Using proprietary machine learning technology

Fully automated incident response
technology (no YARA rules)

Сollection, comparisons, forensics and remediation

Real time

Ransomware, zero-day & spear phishing protection
ransomware protection

Reduce SOC
workload burden

Automatic/1 click mitigation response


Sandbox, multi AV, intelligence and SIEM solutions

End to end protection
PC, mobile & tablet

Protection for all devices

Did You Know?

of phishing emails contain ransomware
of security teams battle escalating and evolving threats
of user accounts are compromised in the first 30 minutes of an attack

SC Magazine IronTraps Review

Review Summary

There are three stages to ransomware attack management: pre-attack, or delivery, attack and post-attack or clean-up/remediation. IronTraps addresses the pre-attack phase. There are some fallacies that can seriously impact you in a ransomware incident. The two big ones are that the appearance of the ransom demand signals an attack, and that all you need to do is backup and you'll be safe.

Believing the first fallacy results in an encrypted mess because the ransom message often - usually, in fact - is the last thing the ransomware does. Believing the second may result in restoring from an already infected backup. That is not always true, so by no means should you just ignore backup. The interesting thing about this product is that it focuses on the pre-attack phase but has a neat little trick to help in the cleanup.

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