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The rise of the Digital Age has spurred interconnectivity between businesses and industries, regardless of geography and market. Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of this connectivity is the cyber risk it has put on businesses. Cyberattacks are proliferating and advancing in sophistication; using automation, machine learning artificial intelligence, and social engineering to reach their targets with precision through email.

In fact, studies have shown that 91% of cyberattacks originate from a phishing email. These threats, such as business email compromise, credential theft and account takeover, have become so common that businesses are looking to adopt and layer additional email security measures that go beyond traditional secure email gateways.

However, for businesses that don’t have the team or resources in place to select vendors, implement and enforce security protocols, and monitor for threats, many are turning to the channel to form strategic partnerships that can help relieve the stress and burden of cybersecurity by allowing channel partners to manage and mitigate such risks on their behalf.

Not surprisingly, the demand for channels services is high – as resellers, MSP and MSSPS have unique insight into tools and techniques that best serve their clients against today’s advanced phishing attacks. As a result, many MSPs and MSSPs are developing managed detection and response (MDR) offerings to expand on their advanced endpoint protection services for their customers.

Specifically, MDRs provide organizations with remediation services once a threat is discovered, relieving customers of the stress and burden typically associated with cybersecurity. It’s a growing line of business in the channel industry – and one that is in high demand.

Self-Learning Email Security for the Channel

Continuing our series of partnership spotlights, we recently sat down with Ophir Zilbiger, Head of Israel’s BDO Cybersecurity Center, to discuss his views on email security in the MDRs space, his thoughts on cybercrime in the next decade, and how IRONSCALES benefits BDO MDR and its customers.

Based in Israel, BDO’s Cyber Security Center, which provides cybersecurity services to BDO clients globally, launched its managed detection and response (MDR) services program in the beginning of 2019 to fortify its customers’ cybersecurity posture. Now, with clients ranging from 100 to 70,000 users, BDO MDR helps deliver effective detection and incident response through the BDO global network of more than 165 firms across the globe.

Take us through how exactly you help customers prevent, detect and respond to email phishing risk?

Mitigating phishing attacks is closely coupled with detection and response as there is a time lapse between the actual delivery of the phishing attack and when the malicious link was pressed, or the attachment opened.

By having the technology in place to prevent, detect and mitigate threats easily and quickly, we are able to prevent phishing attacks at a greater clip than what our customers are accustomed to. BDO MDR customers are instantly multiplying their detection and response force, granting their employees a vehicle and method to report and get answers for any suspected email through the IRONSCALES platform.

How are your customers responding to IRONSCALES? Has the technology shown real improvement in customers phishing prevention, detection, and response?

We had clients using other solutions, but when they added IRONSCALES they found that their previous solutions were not as successful in detecting, reporting and responding to incidents.

We’ve been using the product for almost two years with no need to consider a replacement solution. We only work with solutions we believe in, can support, and have experienced success with. IRONSCALES has proven to be effective, efficient and seamlessly integrated into our MDR model.

What do you tell customers are the top benefits of the platform and why?

During the first two weeks, clients immediately see the benefits of IRONSCALES, as many phishing attacks are reduced and blocked within a matter of seconds. Additionally, our SOC team is able to quickly close 99% of phishing incidents successfully without customer involvement. This has been further augmented by our BDO MDR focus on automation triggering an additional layer of protection rendering phishing links inaccessible.

As we approach the next decade, what do you see in store for 1) the next evolution of phishing techniques and 2) the email security industry?

As a result, the email security industry will have to keep up with these advances in email-based attacks. However, we must not forget that even though most attacks may start with email, they may impact other assets and resources.

Such assets will have to be monitored and protected via solutions that can immediately mitigate these risks. BDO is constantly evolving our MDR capabilities and working with our technology partners to address this changing threat landscape


Fortunately, IRONSCALES is prepared for the evolution of advanced phishing attacks. With our own self-learning capabilities, the IRONSCALES platform can automatically detect and mitigate advanced attacks – even those that are utilizing AI technologies – through a unique combination of machine learning and human intelligence.

By constantly learning from the input of thousands of real world security analysts, IRONSCALES provides the tools to its channel partners, like BDO MDR, to prevent and mitigate attacks with little to no involvement from SOC and security teams.

Interested in learning more or becoming an IRONSCALES partner? Check out our Partnership Program to learn more and get your customers onto our advanced self-learning email security platform today.

April 16, 2016