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Are you looking for a powerful email security solution to help protect your organization from advanced phishing threats like BEC, ATO, and ransomware? We have exciting news—IRONSCALES has been declared the winner of the G2 Spring Awards 2023! 

IRONSCALES emerged as a leader once again among industry organizations. IRONSCALES is the industry’s only AI and human insights email security solution to address 100% of phishing threats. Our solution is powerful, simple, and adaptable, making it easy to implement, integrate into your tech stack and manage without requiring security expertise.  

Reach out today to see how we can protect your organization.

Why G2 Spring Awards Matter

The G2 Grid Report comprehensively reviews and analyzes various software products and services. It is an important resource for businesses and individuals looking to purchase software products or services as it provides unbiased evaluations of software from actual users. 

Winning one of these awards is a huge deal, meaning the product is considered one of the best in its category. If you want to take your business to the next level with your SaaS tech stack, you will be better off reviewing the G2 ratings for these products.

IRONSCALES’ Biggest Wins

  • Easiest To Do Business With: Mid-Market Intelligent Email
  • Protection and Mid-Market Cloud Email Security
  • Best Support: Mid-Market Intelligent Email Protection  
  • Easiest To Do Business With: Intelligent Email Protection
  • High Performer (Mid-Market) Mid-Market Cloud Email Security
  • High Performer Intelligent Email Protection
  • Leader in Cloud Email Security and Email Security
  • Users Love Us (earned after collecting 20 reviews with 4.0+ stars)

What’s More: Latest Product Update

Are you ready to tackle advanced phishing with one unique solution? IRONSCALES has you covered. Check out our latest advancements in BEC protection released this Spring. You can expect even more innovative solutions from our dynamic platform in the coming year and beyond. Our experts always look for innovative ways to protect organizations and reduce the amount of time security teams spend on remediating phishing.


IRONSCALES constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, from AI/ML models to a virtual AI SOC agent – so that your employees are empowered, and your organization is protected.

We are Safer Together. Sign-up to see a Demo or Try IRONSCALES for Free.

More than 10,000 global customers depend on IRONSCALES to defend against today’s most advanced phishing attacks. As the industry’s only solution that combines AI and human insight, IRONSCALES ensures enterprises around the world have every tool at their disposal to remain secure in the face of the latest threats.

The awards span IRONSCALES’ exceptional customer service, to revenue growth, and cutting-edge technology and these award recognitions further validate the industry’s need for an email security solution that unites AI and human insights (HI) to solve the entirety of the phishing problem. IRONSCALES is that solution.

Check us out and learn more: www.ironscales.com/demo

Post by Jenna Knoblauch
April 26, 2023