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White Paper BEC Attacks Business Email Compromise attacks are one of the biggest threats to every industry. BEC schemes cost an estimated $1.77 billion, and that number is only projected to skyrocket in the coming years. Whether you’re in the commercial, government, and non-profit sector, you are at risk of BEC attacks. READ MORE White Paper Defender for O365 Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is not Built to Defend Against Modern Email Threats. READ MORE White Paper Prevent Ransomware Attacks To prevent a ransomware attack, you must understand where the current threats and attack vectors lie within your organization, implement advanced software systems to detect and remove them, and develop a sophisticated incident response program. READ MORE White Paper The Different Types of Spoofing Attacks Learn six ways hackers circumvent standard security tools with spoofing and how you can best protect your company against them. READ MORE White Paper Four Tips to Prevent Phishing Learn what you can do to help reduce your vulnerability to phishing attacks. READ MORE White Paper Common Tips for Preventing Email Spoofing There are several common methods typically discussed as barriers to email spoofing. Let’s look at their benefits and limitations more closely. READ MORE White Paper Ultimate Guide to Email Security Learn the most common email tactics and phishing techniques to better understand the email security landscape. READ MORE White Paper A Year in Phishing White Paper Report Know what phishing attacks to prepare for in 2021 READ MORE Report Osterman Survey Robust Email Security Requires Alignment Between Security Practitioners and Decision Makers READ MORE Report Aberdeen Research Your Email Security is Ineffective and Getting Worse. What You Can Do About It READ MORE