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3 Reasons Why Over 10,000 Customers Trust IRONSCALES

It’s easy for organizations to get so caught up in trying to win new deals that they forget about their existing customers. But that isn’t the case at IRONSCALES. Our customers are a part of our solution. Their insights and involvement in our community strengthen our AI and its ability to detect emerging threats.  
Our customer-centric focus has been recognized by countless awards and our industry-leading NPS score of 65. But don’t take our word for it. On Customer Appreciation Day, we thought it would be beneficial to share some of the reasons why over 10,000 global customers rely on IRONSCALES to protect their organization from advanced phishing threats. 

Why Over 10,000 Customers Trust IRONSCALES For Email Security

Powerful Phishing Protection 

A key differentiator of IRONSCALES, and an important factor in why customers select us and continue to stay with us, is our unique approach to email security. While many email security solutions offer AI-only or rule-based protection, IRONSCALES reduces risks at the mail-box level by combining AI with human insights to strengthen our AI’s ability to automatically detect and remediate advanced phishing threats like BEC and ATO. 

  • “IRONSCALES has a fantastic AI and uses that plus the community aspect to quickly identify email security threats (phishing, BEC attacks, account takeovers, and more). With the reporting button and other tools, the system is easy to use for regular folks as well as security pros. Integrations with NINJIO and phishing simulations really take this tool up a notch.” 
    Jesse W. | Chief Visionary Officer
    Read full review 
  • “IRONSCALES does pretty much what it states, prevents phishing emails. It is by far better than any other product that I have worked with. Other known well-established vendors which I cannot mention, can detect and quarantine approx. 25% in comparison to IRONSCALES’ 99%. This product really works, and it saves countless amount of hours which would otherwise need to be supplemented by other expensive tools that require a lot of tuning and human resource attention, or firefighting by engaging large teams of analysts - which in the end can prove challenging and waste of resource. This product also has great automation and improved reporting. The phishing campaigns are good and provide training to users who get lured. In short, there is not much this product cannot do when it comes to phishing. It has great Threat Intel mechanism behind it, and it is super easy to use.” 
    Read full 5-star Review 
  • Great product that approaches email security with a focus on humans and technology 
    IT Security and Risk Management | Consumer Goods Industry | 3B-10B USD 
    Read full 5-star review

Increased Awareness 

We understand that AI can only do so much. With cybercriminals constantly evolving their tactics to evade detection, IRONSCALES puts a focus on enabling employees to be a partner in threat hunting by offering built-in capabilities for security awareness training, phishing simulation testing, and dynamic banners to help train employees and build a cyber resilient organizational culture. Additionally, our customers join a powerful community of security and IT professionals so phishing attempts flagged in one environment are automatically removed from other customers’ environments, which slows the speed and spread of malicious phishing attempts. This powerful community creates a networking effect, empowering your security team to achieve more protection in much less time.  

  • “Highly effective BEC/Phishing attack and awareness.” 
    Read full 5-star review 
  • Perfect Security Awareness Testing/Training Tool 
    IT Security and Risk Management | 250M-500M USD
    Read full 5-star review 
  • For Telit, it is almost impossible to train all our employees without IRONSCALES.” ITZIK MENASHE, GLOBAL IT DIRECTOR OF TELIT
    Read full case study 

Simple Efficiency 

Finally, the IRONSCALES platform was designed with simplicity in mind. IT and Security leaders can spend less time detecting and remediating phishing threats so that they can focus on more challenging matters. In fact, our customers spend on average, less than 12 minutes a day managing ALL incidents.

  • Great features, great protection and easy to use!"
    Shawn P | Healthcare
    Read full review 
  • “Before IRONSCALES we needed multiple engineers to hunt down a malicious email, understand what the compromise was, where the email was sent, and then go to those users and make sure their own inboxes were not compromised. To have an engineer doing that for five or six hours a day is a waste of their time and skills. They don’t have to do that anymore. IRONSCALES frees up their time for more important things.” – Ruben Vega, Director of IT Infrastructure, Unified Women’s Healthcare
    Read full case study 
  • IRONSCALES produces an easy-to-use exceptional product with excellent support. A minimal learning curve and intuitive user interface keeps it simple. 
    - IT | <50M USD | Healthcare and Biotech industry 
    Read full review 

Check out our case studies to learn more about the value that our customers gain by using IRONSCALES. 

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