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Phishing threats are evolving faster than ever before, becoming more sophisticated and more challenging to detect by legacy systems. With threat actors leveraging AI to compose convincing phishing emails that leverage social engineering attacks, cybersecurity experts need an email security solution that not only uses AI to detect and remediate phishing threats automatically but also uses AI to educate and empower employees to take an active part in email security.  

IRONSCALES recently announced its Summer '23 Release, which includes a suite of new Generative AI capabilities to help admins increase their employee's email security resilience. Below are three ways that security and IT administrators can benefit from the capabilities announced in the Summer '23 release.  

Empower employees to fight phishing with GPT-powered chat  

IT Security admins are under siege by a barrage of phishing reports. This creates the challenge of having to authentic threats from an influx of false alarms. Additionally, employees who lack the necessary confidence or knowledge to identify and report emergent phishing threats, inadvertently let potential hazards linger in their inboxes.  

With Themis Co-pilot for Outlook, you can mobilize your employees as a critical line of defense with the ability to question suspicious emails and gain real-time actionable insights with a GPT-powered chat assistant to allow employees to confidently report threats and take a more active part in threat hunting directly from their inbox.  

Take the self-guided tour of Themis Co-pilot for Outlook here!

Launch personalized AI-generated spear phishing simulation campaigns in minutes  

Advanced phishing attacks that leverage social engineering tactics are becoming more prevalent as criminals leverage AI tools to generate phishing attacks that mimic authentic, relevant, and persuasive emails. Unfortunately, creating highly personalized spear phishing attack simulations to prepare your employees takes a lot of time to research, develop training materials, and configure. And trying to do this for multiple people in the organization manually isn't practical or scalable.  

Boost your employees' awareness of socially engineered phishing attacks without the operational overhead using our GPT-powered phishing simulation testing capability from IRONSCALES. Leveraging PhishLLM™, a proprietary LLM model, instantly generates phishing simulation testing campaigns personalized to employees and the advanced phishing attacks they may encounter. 

Prevent email-driven accidental data loss with real-time alerts  

According to the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 74% of breaches involved the human factor—which can include accidental data exposure through email. The inadvertent sending of sensitive data like financial records, trade secrets, or employee information to unauthorized recipients not only opens the organization up to potential security risks but also can result in fines and damage to brand reputation. Unfortunately, many current email security solutions only address inbound email protection—placing organizations in a bind compelled them to consider dedicated data loss prevention (DLP) solutions just to address accidental data exposure via email.  

Increase employee awareness and safeguard against the inadvertent transfer of sensitive data. The IRONSCALES Accidental Data Exposure capability utilizes advanced technologies to promptly identify and notify employees about emails that may leak sensitive data—enhancing their security awareness and proactively preventing potential data leaks in real-time. 

Learn more about these capabilities and sign up for the Beta waitlist here

Jeff Rezabek
Post by Jeff Rezabek
August 9, 2023