IRONSCALES Customer Mitigation Report Shows Crowd-Sourcing Accelerates Threat Response, Saving Millions & Reputations

IRONSCALES, a leading provider of phishing mitigation technology, announces record speeds based on a survey of threat mitigation among its clients and their employees.

IRONSCALES reduces the impact of cybercrime on the bottom line by creating awareness and proactive behavior within the rank and file, giving them an active role in preventing phishing attacks. Its phishing simulation and gamified training enhances employee awareness while certifying employees to be real-time cybercrime fighters, preventing millions of dollars of damages. When multiple pre-qualified people report a single threat, it is immediately dealt with and eliminated from the mailboxes of the rest of the employees within the organization.

The survey demonstrates that on “Day 0,” employees have a 40% click rate on simulated phishing email. Within a few months, IRONSCALES’s awareness and training methodologies have led to a dramatic improvement in readiness, risk reduction and mitigation response.

  • Click rate on malicious mails has been reduced by more than 90%
  • Attacks are being detected 9x faster
  • First reports of threats occur in less than 1.45 minutes of receipt
  • Total mitigation time from first report to complete threat elimination less than 12.2 min.

Phishing is an ever-increasing threat, especially with spear- and whale-phishing attacks, which leverage the massive volumes of content available on social media to perfectly tailor a specific attack…

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