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The IRONSCALES team is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Yellow Cube — our new Central and Eastern European (CEE) Value-Added Distributor (VAD). Operating across 22 countries in the region — and with offices in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine — Yellow Cube combines cybersecurity expertise with unparalleled reach across the CEE market.

With Yellow Cube on our side, IRONSCALES is making its innovative, AI-powered, enterprise email security solution accessible to this exciting market. As the fastest-growing tech market in Europe, CEE is a region with vast, untapped potential; and with the support of Yellow Cube, IRONSCALES is confident that our solution will find no shortage of eager customers in the region. 

Why We Partnered with Yellow Cube

Yellow Cube understands the market in the region and can bridge the gap between tech vendor and end-user. As a pure-play cybersecurity distributor, Yellow Cube’s team of cybersecurity experts work to evangelize, educate, and deliver disruptive technologies, like IRONSCALES, to the CEE market. 

Yellow Cube prides itself in being highly selective as to which vendors they work with — only partnering with vendors that possess a proven track record of successfully bringing innovative ideas and technologies to the world of cybersecurity. As a result, Yellow Cube is able to provide its partners a robust cybersecurity portfolio to offer their customers and prospects. And as a VAD, Yellow Cube also supports their partners by offering sales training, NFR equipment, and global deal protection. 

“Knowing Yellow Cube’s innovative approach on threat detection where IRONSCALES has a perfect fit as an early detection system, partnering was a no-brainer for the team at IRONSCALES,” said Henrik Davidsson, Area VP, International Channel Sales at IRONSCALES. “It’s clear that their team has their finger on the pulse of both the CEE region and the cutting edge of cybersecurity. We are thrilled to be named Yellow Cube’s latest vendor partner, and are excited to see our digital footprint expand across the Central and Eastern European region.”

Bringing the Power of IRONSCALES to CEE

IRONSCALES’ groundbreaking email security solution is the only platform on the market that combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) with real-time human insights (HI). As a result, our self-learning platform is able to continuously detect and remediate the most advanced and novel email-based threats, including business email compromise (BEC), credential harvesting, account takeover (ATO), and more. 

“In 2023, it is abundantly clear that advanced email threats — such as business email compromise and account takeover — are the easiest and fastest ways for cybercriminals to infiltrate and carry out successful cyberattacks against an organization,” said Akos Bodis, Founder and CEO at Yellow Cube. “This is why we must reinforce email security with the best AI-based protection available, and I’m confident that IRONSCALES is that solution. What’s more, with IRONSCALES, organizations can also account for the human element — with education, training, and advanced simulations that help enterprise employees learn to spot threats and become active contributors to their organizations’ cybersecurity efforts.” 

IRONSCALES & Yellow Cube Get to Work Securing the CEE Region

The team at IRONSCALES is excited to work with Yellow Cube through joint events and campaigns, expanding our reach within the region by recruiting new partners across CEE.  

Organizations operating in the CEE region should take note — if you’re interested in changing your email security solution and/or looking to add one to your portfolio, start your search with IRONSCALES & Yellow Cube.

February 22, 2023