By Eyal Benishti on May 20, 2019

The Seven Essentials of a Modern Email Security Platform

Did you know that any organization, regardless of its size and the number of in-house security personnel employed, can now automatically prevent, detect and respond to all types of sophisticated phishing techniques in real-time? It sounds like a dream scenario, since it could save your company so much time, money and resources, while also alleviating the burden on your Security and IT teams.

The reality, however, is not such a rosy picture. 9 out of 10 cyberattacks still begin with an email phishing attack, and many businesses don’t know what technology exists to improve their email security, or that it is possible to replace or supplement their existing solutions with ease. In fact, most businesses continue to rely on static secure email gateways (SEGs) or the baked in security of email service providers, such as Office 365 and G-Suite.

While these technologies have pros and cons and are proven to reduce some risk, the frequency at which the email threat landscape now evolves, the high-rate of micro-targeted attacks and the speed at which threat intelligence must be consumed, has significantly reduced the effectiveness of both types of solutions.

That said, to help CISOs, security teams, analysts and business decision makers better understand the solutions available to them beyond the existing static, ineffective solutions, we developed a new white paper to help serve as a guide. Available now for download is The Seven Essentials of a Modern Email Security Platform, which provides an objective explanation about why each essential is necessary in the ever-changing threat landscape and provides context on how they all work together as a comprehensive solution.

Preview of the Seven Essentials: A Comprehensive Email Security Solution

Here’s a sneak peek on the seven essentials that we believe are vital to truly mitigate the risks posed by today’s increasingly-sophisticated email phishing attacks:

Essential #1:

ADVANCED PROTECTION - Malware & phishing URL/link protection - To detect and prevent against zero-days and phishing websites that attempt to steal user credentials.

Essential #2:

MAILBOX-LEVEL THREAT DETECTION- Mailbox-level spoofing and impersonation protection - Prevention technology to work in conjunction with advanced detections to identify sender impersonations, spoofing and business email compromise (BEC).

Essential #3:

HUMAN CENTRIC: Human-centric phishing detection - Technical detection alone is not enough, and email phishing is a human and machine problem that requires a combined human and machine solution.

Essential #4:

AUTOMATIC DETECTION & RESPONSE: Post-email delivery response - No prevention and detection will stop every single phishing attack, and with time being of the essence for phishing mitigation, any email security technology must provide end users (employees) with automated incident response.

Essential #5:

DECENTRALIZED INTELLIGENCE - Human Vetted Intelligence Sharing - Decentralized intelligence sharing within a platform empowers organizations to proactively prepare for trending email phishing attacks by leveraging an entire virtual global analyst community and can also help businesses utilize data to prepare for the next attack.

Essential #6:

CLOSED FEEDBACK LOOP - By continuously feeding machines intelligence from multiple internal and external sources, email security can adapt and get smarter by predicting, preventing, detecting and responding in real-time.

Essential #7:

ONE PLATFORM, SEAMLESS DEPLOYMENT - When all of the essential functionalities are combined into a single platform to combat modern email threats, security teams can keep deployment scalable and the total cost of ownership low.

IRONSCALES is the Pioneer in Multi-Layered Advanced Phishing Threat Protection

To truly mitigate the risk of email phishing attacks, businesses must look towards technology that provides advanced malware and phishing link detection; mailbox-level spoofing and impersonation protection, human-centric phishing detection, post-email delivery protection and decentralized intelligence that is seamless to deploy and works within a closed feedback loop.

IRONSCALES multi-layered phishing threat protection platform uniquely combines human intelligence with machine learning and AI to automatically prevent, detect and respond to advanced email threats and predict future attacks, so if one control fails, there are others to compensate while maintaining an adaptive security architecture.

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Published by Eyal Benishti May 20, 2019

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