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Eyal Benishti 2018 Feb 21 With Consolidation Inevitable, What Does the Future Hold for Phishing Awareness Training Providers? Phishing awareness training alone will never be a sufficient solution to email security and phishing mitigation, and solutions providers know it. So are organizations that use it for more than 3 years now. READ MORE
Eyal Benishti 2017 Sep 5 Understanding the Complexities of Email Phishing: The Role of Automation in Expediting the Recovery Phase (Part III) A recent report from FireEye cites the average time from an email phishing breach to detection is 146 days globally, and a colossal 469 days READ MORE
Brendon Roddas 2017 May 16 Preventing Another Ransomware Attack: What to Look for When Choosing an Email Security Provider Over the past year, it feels like not a single day goes by without learning of a major cyberattack that originated via a phishing or READ MORE
Eyal Benishti 2017 Mar 21 Relax: Clicking on Phishing Email Links Doesn’t Always Equal Imminent Disaster We’ve talked over and over again about just how big of a problem phishing has become. Unfortunately, recent reports suggest that the epidemic is getting READ MORE Eyal Benishti 2016 Nov 21 How Machine Learning Can Stop Phishing Attacks on Critical Infrastructure What does a prominent cyber attack against a German Steel Mill; a damaging cybersecurity event against a power plant in Ukraine and an attempted ransomware READ MORE Brendon Roddas 2016 Aug 23 How Automation can Reduce the Email Phishing Burden from SOC and Security Teams The five ways in which the IRONSCALES platform helps save SOC teams time includes orchestration, intelligence sharing, incident response, mailbox scanning and two-click deployment. READ MORE 2016 Aug 9 Black Hat 2016: Affirmation that Cybersecurity Requires Automated Response Black Hat 2016: Affirmation that Cybersecurity Requires Automated Response This year’s Black Hat conference had no shortage of valuable training sessions and exciting keynote speakers. READ MORE