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Blog Category - Credential Theft

Ian Baxter 2020 Oct 1 Computer Vision and NLU Identify Social Engineering Computer vision and natural language understanding analyze the content and intent of suspicious messages, helping organizations reduce email security risk READ MORE
Brendon Roddas 2020 Aug 24 50,000+ Fake Login Pages
Spoofing Over 200 Brands Worldwide
In the first half of 2020, more than 50,000 fake login pages spoofed over 200 of the world’s most prominent brands in phishing attacks. READ MORE
Ian Baxter 2020 Aug 5 Free URL Scanner to Detect Fake Login Attacks IRONSCALES' FREE URL scanner protects against credential theft and fake login attacks by looking for suspicious code and visual anomalies. READ MORE
Ian Baxter 2020 Jul 22 Fake Login Attack Evades Logo Detection New Social Engineering Campaign Exposes Inattentional Blindness and Weaknesses in Anti-Phishing Logo Detection READ MORE Ian Baxter 2020 Jun 29 Fake Login Attack Spoof Two Leading Email Delivery Service Providers IRONSCALES researchers have identified a trending fake login attack spoofing two leading email delivery service providers, Mailgun and SendGrid READ MORE Ian Baxter 2020 Jan 13 Why people struggle to identify fake phishing websites As a result of inattentional blindness, internet users are falling prey to phishing websites that visually impersonate the legitimate site to lure victims. READ MORE 2019 Sep 4 Fight Phishing & Credential Theft with AI Preventing phishing attacks that probe inboxes & scrape Microsoft Office 365 logins to produce credential harvesting pages requires AI-powered computer vision. READ MORE 2019 Jul 17 Steps to Identify and Prevent the Growing Threat of Credential Theft and Account Takeover Attackers are using email phishing as a means to achieve credential theft on users in order to perform account takeover or commit fraud. READ MORE