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Ian Thomas 2021 Oct 15 IRONSCALES Releases Findings from State of Cybersecurity Survey In a digital-first world, cybercrime is to be expected. However, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the increased reliance on cloud-based technology and turning to more sophisticated tactics. Read The IRONSCALES State of Cybersecurity Report. READ MORE
Mordechai Worch 2021 Oct 15 IRONSCALES Engineering: Developing a Machine Learning Model to Identify Phishing Emails In this post we will discuss the methodology and workflow of our ML team and walk through a case study of deploying a real machine learning model at scale. READ MORE
Ian Thomas 2021 Oct 12 Ice, Ice Baby…our take on the 2021 Gartner Email Security Market Guide We are honored to be in the inaugural class of “ICES” (Integrated Cloud Email Security) companies and look forward to telling our story about our approach to email security. READ MORE
Or Malzman 2021 Sep 16 Ransomware Attack Using Fake Zoom Meeting Invitation The IRONSCALES research team has recently noticed an alarming new type of ransomware attack that leverages fake Zoom meeting links to initiate a ransomware attack. READ MORE Noah Gordon 2021 Aug 11 Attack Blog: FileShare Platform Credential Theft Read about a recent FileShare attack targeting credential theft READ MORE J Stephen Kowski 2021 Aug 11 What Is Ransomware: Demystifying and Defending Against an Evolving Threat Demystifying ransomware so you and your organization can defend against future threats READ MORE Or Malzman 2021 Aug 5 Office 365 credential theft campaign via legitimate Microsoft services Recent O365 credential theft attack via legitimate Microsoft services READ MORE Ian Thomas 2021 Jul 22 The State of Ransomware Attacks in the Legal Industry Learn about recent ransomware attacks across the legal industry READ MORE Or Malzman 2021 Jul 21 The Latest CLOP Ransomware Group Attack and Tips for Prevention Learn about how CLOP ransomware group operates when attacking victims READ MORE