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Eyal Benishti 2021 Jan 6 The Top Phishing Attacks of 2020 IRONSCALES provides an overview of the top 5 successful phishing attacks of 2020 READ MORE
Eyal Benishti 2020 Dec 15 To Fight the Phish, Advanced Technology and Awareness Training Must Coexist Mitigating email security risk requires phishing awareness training and advanced technology, such as AI, machine learning, NLU and computer vision, to coexist. READ MORE
Tristan Bishop 2020 Dec 14 7 Phishing Themes to Watch for in 2021 IRONSCALES highlights the top trending phishing threats of 2021. READ MORE
Eyal Benishti 2020 Dec 3 Phishing Scams to Watch Out For During an Unprecedented Holiday Shopping Season IRONSCALES CEO highlights the top five phishing scams to be on the lookout for this holiday shopping season. READ MORE Eyal Benishti 2020 Sep 9 Campaigns Must Prioritize
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Political campaigns must adopt email security that extends beyond traditional email gateway solutions. READ MORE
Brendon Roddas 2019 Oct 8 Email Security for the Channel in 2020 Looking ahead to 2020, modern email security for the channel is vital as threats from attackers are on the rise. READ MORE Eyal Benishti 2019 Sep 13 What does enterprise email security look like in 2020? For the enterprise, phishing prevention in 2020 requires an email security strategy in which technologies, processes and procedures address the entire phishing picture. READ MORE Brendon Roddas 2019 Aug 22 A Zero Trust Mentality in the Era of Advanced Email Security Threats Email security frameworks should begin with zero trust and follow the principles of CARTA, the next iteration of Gartner’s adaptive security architecture. READ MORE 2019 Jul 24 IRONSCALES Named An Emerging Vendor By CRN New partnerships with Pax8, BDO Managed Detection & Response and other resellers, distributors and MSPs propels the anti-phishing innovator onto the prestigious list for a third consecutive year READ MORE Eyal Benishti 2019 Jun 17 IRONSCALES Series B Continuing to Innovate Email Security As a result of our recent $15 million Series B, I am proud to announce that we are advancing on our journey toward bringing fully automated anti-phishing threat protection to inboxes across the globe READ MORE